Where to find Fortnite’s highest summit for Alter Ego challenges

David Purcell

Fortnite Battle Royale players looking to complete all of Chapter 2’s Alter Ego challenges are going to have to climb to the summit of the map and we know exactly where you have to go. 

In seasons gone by, regular players of the popular battle royale game will remember that they have been asked to search for the highest points on the island before – but this time is different, as there’s a whole new map to search. 

Previous peaks had included spots at Polar Peak, the Volcano point of interest, as well as others from the old map, but this time around it’s not too difficult to spot the highest point. 

Epic GamesWhere is the highest point on the Fortnite Chapter 2 map?

As many will know, areas of the Fortnite Chapter 2 map were concealed at the beginning of its first season, forcing players to explore locations and unlock their names. 

While most will have seen just about everywhere on the new landscape already, finally there’s a proper reason to visit the mountain range. 

The map below shows exactly where you’re going to have to go in order to find the tallest peak, but in general, you’re going to wait to jump off the Battle Bus near the snowy mountain range in the southeast corner. 

Epic GamesHere’s the highest peak location.

Once you’re high into the mountains, it will be easy to spot the tallest peak as it has been signposted much clearer than other seasons – with a huge orange flag waiting for you at the top. 

Reaching that peak will check off one of the Alter Ego challenges, but if you’re interested in the full list of missions – some of which are already live – check out our complete Alter Ego challenge list for more details. 

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