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How to complete Fortnite Chapter 2 Alter Ego challenges

Published: 28/Oct/2019 12:51 Updated: 4/Nov/2019 11:55

by Matt Porter


A number of Fortnite Chapter 2’s Alter Ego challenges are now live in the game and we have the full list of tasks which players can complete throughout the season.

Fortnite Chapter 2 includes a brand-new challenge system called “Feats,” but the developers have also continued to add Missions to the game, which were initially introduced as a replacement for weekly challenges back in Season 10.

Throughout Chapter 2 Season 1, players will be able to take part in the Alter Ego mission, which is exclusive to Battle Pass owners, and unlocks a number of different skin styles for characters featured in the new season for those who grind their way through the XP ranks.

Epic GamesFortnite players can earn skin styles for Season 1’s Battle Pass characters.

Only some of the 20 Alter Ego challenges are available for viewing in the game currently, but data miner iFireMonkey has released a full list of the tasks, giving fans of the popular battle royale title an early look at what they can expect to take on throughout the season.

Many of these challenges don’t unlock until the end of the season, with one asking players to find the Back Bling hidden in the Week 8 loading screen, while another asks players to “Sink the 8 ball at the giant pool table,” something which has yet to appear on the map.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Alter Ego challenges and rewards

  • Reach Level 1
  • Complete 2 Missions
  • Catch a fish wearing the Turk outfit
  • Complete 3 Missions
  • Summit the highest mountain wearing the Journey outfit
  • Reach Level 20
  • Complete 4 Missions
  • Enter a Slurp vat while wearing a Rippley outfit
  • Reach Level 40
  • Complete 5 Missions
  • Heal a teammate with a Bandage Bazooka while wearing the Remedy outfit
Epic GamesA number of great rewards are up for grabs in the challenges.
  • Reach Level 60
  • Complete 6 Missions
  • Sink the 8 ball at the giant pool table while wearing the 8-Ball outfit
  • Reach Level 80
  • Complete 7 Missions
  • Spray billboards while wearing the Cameo outfit
  • Collect F-O-R-T-N-I-T-E letters hidden in loading screens
  • Search the BackBling hidden in the Week 8 Loading Screen
  • Do the thing wearing the Bane outfit

Fortnite Alter Ego challenge guides

Many of these challenges require players to do things they haven’t already done on the map before, whether that be visit specific locations, find items or even wear outfits they might not have considered previously. 

To complete the ‘Summit the highest mountain wearing the Journey outfit’ challenge, equip the appropriate skin and then check out the highest point on the map using our Fortnite Chapter 2 summit location guide. We’ll be adding more guides to this article as more challenges are made available.

Epic GamesThere are a number of peaks on the Fortnite Chapter 2 map, but which is the highest summit?

Fortnite players who want to complete all 20 challenges will need to play a lot of matches this season, as they are required to reach at Rank 80 for one challenge, and will need to complete 7 mission packs in their entirety, which often feature upwards of 8 separate tasks.

There are six skin styles up for grabs in the Alter Ego challenges, including new looks for Turk, Journey, and Rippley, as well as plenty of others. 


Has LazarBeam quit Fortnite?

Published: 23/Jan/2021 12:44 Updated: 23/Jan/2021 20:23

by Connor Bennett


Fans of YouTube star Lannan ‘LazarBeam’ Eacott have been questioning whether or not he’s quit playing Fortnite after not uploading a gameplay video in a good while. 

The original rise of Fortnite saw creators from across the globe explode in popularity regardless of whether they were focused on livestreaming on Twitch or making videos for YouTube.

However, some of the original big names like Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney, and Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff, among others, have turned away from Fortnite and decided to play games like Valorant and Warzone. 

Plenty of creators still remain, though, they have issues with a lack of updates, and how the competitive scene is being run, to name just a few problems. Now, fans of LazarBeam have been asking if he is following the likes of Ninja and Tfue, and walking away from Fortnite. 

Lazarbeam is one of the most popular Australian creators around.

Did LazarBeam quit Fortnite?

Even though his fellow Aussies like Fresh, Lachlan, and LoserFruit have carried on playing Fortnite, LazarBeam hasn’t uploaded a YouTube video about it since mid-December. Though, he has tweeted about it and played the battle royale since.

In that time of not uploading a Fortnite video, he’s made videos on Among Us and Spellbreak, while also uploading his usual meme reactions from TikTok, as well as a more personal video reflecting on how 2020 went for him. 

In a recent stream though, he did say he was quitting the game after uninstalling. “I’ve decided to uninstall Fortnite. I’ve quit the game. I’m quitting it right now,” LazarBeam said. “I’m done forever.” Though, it’s hard to say if he’s being totally serious, given that he is one of YouTube’s funniest creators.

Will LazarBeam return to Fortnite?

It could be the case that he returns to Epic Games’ battle royale soon, perhaps once a new update is released. 

Other content creators have done similar, taking breaks because the devs aren’t rolling out as many regular updates as they used to, and the game feels a bit stale. But, we’ll just have to wait and see if that’s the case for LazarBeam whenever v15.30 launches.