When is building coming back to Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2?

Connor Bennett
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Wondering when building is coming back to Fortnite? Epic Games removed the ability to build in Chapter 3 Season 2, but it didn’t last long. Here’s all we know.

Over the years, as it has led the way in the battle royale market, Fortnite has undergone some pretty radical changes. New items and mechanics have been introduced that have turned Epic Games’ powerhouse title on its head.

However, the one constant has been the unique building mechanic. It isn’t something seen in Fortnite’s battle royale rivals, as players are able to construct small or massive structures to give themselves a leg-up on the competition.

Some players have previously wondered what would happen if Epic removed the building mechanic from the game. Well, with the arrival of Chapter 3 Season 2, they’ve got their wish as building was removed.


announcement poster for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2
The current Fortnite season has a lot of clues and mysteries hidden across the island – but building is gone.

Did Fortnite remove building?

That’s right, if you’re not up to date on your Fortnite knowledge, those pesky one-by-one boxes that your enemies have used to bamboozle you, were no more – at least for a week or so.

The mechanic remained in competitive, arena, creative, and Team Rumble playlists, but a new “Zero Build” mode is ideal for anyone looking to avoid mid-match DIY sessions.

When did building return to Fortnite?

Building returned to Fortnite on Tuesday, March 29, 2022. This means that after nine days of no building, players could go back to constructing makeshift cover.

Will there be a permanent ‘no building’ mode in Fortnite?

Although building is back in Fortnite, some players called for a permanent ‘no building’ mode to be added to the game.

Epic has heard those calls, and has confirmed that Zero Build, an optional mode going forward, will offer the same no-build gameplay. It arrived on March 29, 2022, and there’s no end date yet.

An accompanying blog post says:

“Without building, all players have the recharging Overshield as your first line of defense in Zero Build. Zip up Ascenders to access Blimps or use Mantling to get the high-ground over your opponents. Don’t forget to Sprint between cover on your way to a Victory Royale!”

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