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Unreleased Fortnite ICONs LTM leaked: Bugha, Lachlan & LazarBeam loadouts

Published: 29/Sep/2021 19:13

by Nick Farrell


Fortnite has been rolling out collaborations as part of its ICON Series and new leaks have pointed towards an unfinished Fortnite LTM featuring Bugha, LazerBeam, and Lachlan coming soon. 

Fortnite Season 8 has been ongoing since September 17. Therefore, players have had an ample amount of time to test the new weapons added this season, and earn some XP in hopes to max out their battle pass.

Speaking of skins, the Fortnite ICON Series aims to bring real-life figures into Fortnite has been collaborating with creators. While some have already received skins, there may be something else in store for players.

There could be other opportunities for players to earn these styles, and for Fortnite to celebrate certain personalities that have brought so much light to Fortnite.


bugha fortnite skin
Epic Games
Bugha was one of the more recent creators to earn an ICON Series skin.

Unfinished Fortnite ICONs LTM leaked

Leaks are rather common in Fortnite, and this is largely due to the high-profile leakers that are always sharing information with the public.

This has been the case once again, as notable leaker HYPEX has shared that there are some unfinished Fortnite ICON LTMs that are centered around certain skins.

The new LTMs are going to focus on Bugha, Lachlan, TheGrefg, and LazerBeam, and each game mode is going to have a unique inventory for each.

While we don’t know when these game modes are going to release, it seems Epic is looking to spice up the rotation of LTMs that Fortnite has to offer.


So, we’ll have to wait and see when these intend on releasing, but in the meantime, you should be excited about the upcoming Fortnitemares 2021 event.