Underwater hatches open in Fortnite ahead of leaked Season 3 map flood - Dexerto

Underwater hatches open in Fortnite ahead of leaked Season 3 map flood

Published: 13/Jun/2020 20:18

by Alan Bernal


Waterways under the Fortnite island have begun spilling their contents ahead of Season 3 leaks that could tell us what affects The Device will have on the map.

The event that’s been delayed three times is now set to go off as Epic triggered a countdown over The Agency that has audiences across the battle royale excited to see what will come out of it.

They won’t have long to wait either, since the timer is set to run off on Monday, June 15, which could be plenty of time to submerge the landscape or anything else that Midas and the Agency have plotted.


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Audiences could start feeling the effects of the plan soon as the hatches located near the Agency building have opened, and it’s already sending theorists ablaze since it could be confirming initial beliefs of the event.

For weeks, images and videos have surfaced of a Fortnite island completely submerged. These gave way to many ideas of possible collaborations between the devs and other franchises, although nothing has yet to materialize.

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Popular convention indicates that the flood will lead right into the new season, leaving players with a huge cliffhanger that will alter the state of the island and set up the next chapter of The Agency’s story.


Clips from dataminers suggest the water that will flood the island will then gradually, if not instantly, recede from the game in the events of the upcoming season.

Even still, this will mark a big turning point in Fortnite’s main story, evidenced by a PlayStation store thumbnail leak that seemed to highlight a flooded island behind the flying Battle Bus.

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Here’s what it could mean for Season 3

At this point, it’s assumed that The Agency, at least on the face of the map, will be in complete shambles by the time Season 3 rolls around.

Whatever Midas is planning will either catastrophically backfire or succeed in creating sheer havoc across the island and propelling it into the next story point of the series.


Fortnite fans won’t have much longer to wait either, as the countdown over the Agency slowly winds down and unleashing whatever Epic has planned for its players.