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FaZe Bizzle and TSM win Fortnite Ninja Battles Week 2 – Final placements

Published: 12/Jun/2020 11:37 Updated: 12/Jun/2020 11:56

by Connor Bennett


The second week of Fortnite’s Ninja Battles event has come to its conclusion with World Cup winner Bugha seeing his team pipped to top spot by Team SoloMid’s Emadd, Commandment, and FaZe Bizzle. 

As Fortnite professional players have been waiting for more competitive events to hit their calendar, streaming superstar Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has given them something to play in the form of his Ninja Battles event.

Each week, 20 teams have the chance to grab a slice of the $80,000 weekly prize and claim bragging rights over an incredibly stacked lobby of players. TSM’s ZexRow, MackWood, and Calc managed to claim victory in week one, and now week two has come to its end with TSM finishing on top, again.


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Ninja Battles is a new weekly event in Fortnite.

With the week one winners not competing in the second week, TSM’s hopes lay with trio of Emadd, Commandment, and FaZe Bizzle– and they duly delivered with the victory, claiming a total of 57 points from their games.

The trio outlasted Fortnite World Cup winner Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorff and his partners Zyfa and Avery as they racked up 50 points. In a tightly contested top five, the trios of NateHill, FunkBomb, BullyWYD and Chap, AV, and Edgey also managed to score 50 points. 

Epic Games
The top five from Ninja Battles week two.

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Fortnite Ninja Battles week 2 final standings

While the event bears his name, Ninja has not come close to claiming a victory in the first two weeks. In week two, he and his teammates Vivid and Co1azo managed to finish in 15th with a total of 17 points. 


  1.  Bizzle, Emadd, Commandment
  2. Bugha, Zyfa, Avery
  3. NateHill, FunkBomb, BullyWYD
  4.  Chap, AV, Edgey
  5. Reverse2K, Grazca, Summr
  6. Assault, Scoped, Innocents
  7. Unknown Army, TSM Khanada, Kreo
  8. TSM MAckwiid, Clac, Bucke
  9. NickEh30, Glace, Punisher
  10. Ship, Owl, Vanish Roller
  11. Ewok, Jahq, Acorn
  12. Riversan Keys, Knight
  13. JaredFPS, Ranger, Auhdi
  14. 72hrs, HazThaGreat, Mikey
  15. Ninja, Vivid, Co1azo
  16. Saf, Stretch, Zayt
  17. 100T Ceice, FaZe Dubs, FaZe Megga
  18. SypherPK, Hogman, FaZe Bini
  19. TypicalGamer, Sogys, DonoTVs
  20. BeardedBlevins, Tutleardwarf, BonsaiBroz

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Ninja Battles will return for week three on June 18, with the brand-new season of Fortnite taking center stage once the update finally drops.

It remains to be seen as to whether or not there will be any major meta changes as Epic has kept the contents of their update under wraps.