This is what a Fortnite and Game of Thrones crossover would look like

Calum Patterson

There has been speculation about the possibility of a Game of Thrones and Fortnite crossover, following some peculiar clues, so a creative fan has imaged exactly what it would look like.

Fortnite previously collaborated with Marvel and the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ movie, by adding an ‘Infinity Gauntlet’ LTM. where players could play as the movie’s villain, Thanos.

With Game of Thrones’ eighth and final season will be releasing in 2019, and the possibility of the world’s most popular game teaming up with the most anticipated TV series is very realistic.

Adding to the speculation are a number of clues within Fortnite itself – we have done a full breakdown of everything which links Fortnite and Game of Thrones – including dragon eggs, a castle, the arrival of ‘winter’ with season 7 and more.

So, for Game of Thrones fans that double as Fortnite players, there’s a very real prospect of the two worlds colliding (which also happens to be one of Fortnite’s slogans) – and here’s a peek at what it would look like.

Using the new Fortnite Creative mode, Reddit user u/Assasin-of-Eire created ‘The Wall’ and Castle Black from Game of Thrones, with impressive attention to detail. The large courtyard, double door entrance, wooden platforms and elevators, and of course the massive sheet of thick ice, are all here.

Even more impressive, the creator claims that they have fully furnished the inside of the buildings, as accurately as possible from the TV series:

The interiors are also fully decorated and thought out. I researched certain buildings and their locations and tried to get it as close as possible. you can check out spots from Castle Black like the Lord Commander’s Quarters, the Great Hall, the Top of the Wall, the Gate through the Wall, the Maester’s Library, and the Guest Quarters.

If players want to hop into this map right now and get a taste of the Game of Thrones setting in Fortnite, all you need to do is enter this code in Creative mode:

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