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The official title and length of Fortnite’s upcoming in-game event have been revealed

Published: 2/Nov/2018 0:23 Updated: 2/Nov/2018 0:24

by Wyatt Donigan


We’re just a few days away from the next major Fortnite in-game event, and we now know how long it will last and what it’ll be called.

First announced at the end of a Tweet on October 31, the in-game event has been the subject of much anticipation and discussion.


With just three days to go until the event, a PlayStation events page has given us an official name and length of time for the special event.

The event is being officially called the ‘Fortnitemares Finale’ and will last for five minutes from 1:00 PM ET and 1:05 PM ET.


While the image shows the event as lasting between 12:00 PM and 12:05 PM, it’s possible that it was a mistake or that the time was set to Central Time. A second Tweet from the official Fortnite account on November 1 confirms the start time as 1 PM ET.

While we know the name and length, we still don’t know exactly what will take place during the anticipated event.

It’s expected that it will involve the massive cube above the map that fans have nicknamed ‘Kevin,’ but it’s anyone’s guess as to just what will really happen.


Whether it ends up involving a butterfly or see Kevin break apart or introduce new challenges to the game, Fortnite fans only have three more days to wait until we enter the next chapter of the game.


How to complete Fortnite Season 4’s secret ‘Most Wanted’ Challenge

Published: 16/Oct/2020 3:13

by Brad Norton


With each passing week in Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 4, Epic Games is advancing a secret storyline hidden in plain sight. You can earn a ton of experience every step of the way and we’ve got you covered on the latest part of the Challenge. 

Ever since Season 2 of Chapter 2, secret Challenges have been hidden under the surface across Fortnite. While your standard weekly objectives are still present, there’s been another surprising way to earn XP almost every week this season.


While the storyline originally depicted a war between gnomes and teddy bears, it has since evolved. Over the past few weeks, players have been uncovering a deadly scheme. Gnomes were looking to annihilate the battle royale map. However, if you followed our guide on the previous steps, you would have put a stop to this already.

The ‘Downfall’ part of this narrative may be wrapped up, but the story continues this week. There’s a new secret Challenge for you to unravel so here’s what you need to know to get through it.

Fortnite gnomes
Epic Games
Gnomes have secretly been plotting behind the scenes this season.

First and foremost, to start this section of the Challenge, every single bomb will need to be defused. Once that’s sorted, your next job is to find the gnome behind the chaos. As the name of this new step implies, Most Wanted sprays are key.

There are three of these sprays around the map and all of them highlight a rather ominous looking gnome. These can be found at The Shark, Camp Cod, and Hydro 16. 

For the first location, simply enter the shark and look to the left side of its mouth. Next up, search for a broken building on the Northern side of the Camp Cod island. You’ll find the spray underneath. Last but not least, Hydro 16’s spray can be found above the dock.


Fortunately, you only need to head to one of these spots in order to complete this part of the secret Challenge. As soon as you head to the nearest spray, 10,000XP will be yours just like that.

There’s a good chance players might stumble upon these sprays without even know what they are. However, it’s a neat little reward for players that have been paying extremely close attention to the weekly narrative.

Fortnite spray
Epic Games
A look at the Most Wanted sprays in-game.

The evil gnome plan has been put to an end and the most wanted spray has been discovered. So what’s next? With a few weeks left in the season, we’re likely heading towards another catastrophic event.


As Galactus barrels towards the map, and we potentially get thrown back to the original battlegrounds, maybe the gnomes will try to take credit for what the devourer of worlds has in store.