Leaked files claim Fortnite’s Kevin the Cube is about to break apart - Dexerto

Leaked files claim Fortnite’s Kevin the Cube is about to break apart

Published: 1/Nov/2018 9:52 Updated: 1/Nov/2018 9:57

by Matt Porter


The V6.21 Update for Fortnite Battle Royale has only just been released, but data miners are already hard at work sifting through the patch files as they look for hints and clues as to what may be coming to Fortnite.

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While searching through the files, leakers have found new textures that indicate that Fortnite’s Cube, affectionately named Kevin by the community, may not be a cube for much longer.

The files leaked by Siloxleaks indicate that the big purple object will break into three pieces at some point in the future, but as of yet, nobody is sure what will cause this destruction to happen.


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The first of the leaked files show the three different textures of the three new fragments along with what appear to be some smaller pieces that will break off when the event happens.

The second file shows the cube in its current state, but gives a clear view of where Kevin will break apart, and also reveals the shape and size of the new fragments.

Data miners have also found the actual fragments that the cube will break into, with all three taking different shapes.

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Cracks have been spotted on the cube over the last week, with more and more appearing as time went on, so it comes as little surprise that the cube won’t remain in its present form for much longer.


It seems likely that the Cube’s inevitable demise will come during the upcoming ‘Butterfly’ in-game event, for which data miners have found various new files, although there is no official announcement as to when that may take place.

Fortnitemares is scheduled to end on Sunday, November 4, so it’s possible that it takes place then, although we unfortunately don’t know what the future will hold for the various pieces of Kevin.