The Mandalorian is ruining Fortnite games before they start

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The Mandalorian is known for picking up bounties and taking people out, but sniping Fortnite players out the sky just as they leave the Battle Bus is a whole other level. 

The famed bounty hunter, who rose to prominence in the Star Wars spinoff show on Disney+, first arrived in the battle royale world when Season 5 kicked off. Since then, a number of other hunters have joined the battle.

One of the most deadly weapons found on the Fortnite map, the Amban Sniper Rifle, is in The Mandalorian’s possession and it appears that he’s starting to get a bit trigger happy.

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Don’t mess with Mando in Fortnite.

Fortnite players beware, you’re being hunted

On February 5, a Reddit user by the name of xZ888Zx couldn’t believe what they were seeing, as they were dropping into the game and were knocked down much earlier than expected.

It’s a normal occurrence to drop late and be targeted by those on the ground beneath, but being popped by an AI is quite something.

“The Mandalorian sniped me before the game even started,” they posted, and many players couldn’t believe it in the comments.


We previously put together a guide on how to defeat Mando, but if he’s in this sort of form, nobody stands a chance.

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On the back of this death, another user posted a potential change that could avoid this sort of thing happening in the future. They said: “I still think we should have invulnerability when gliding at the start of the match. It’s so annoying being shot out of the air or losing half your health before you even land.”

While you would like to think that this isn’t something that will happen every game, it serves as a fresh reminder to players about how lethal The Mandalorian can be if you dare to cross paths.