Fortnite removed Bounties a week before the new season leaving players utterly confused

John Esposito
Fortnite take the L emote

Fortnite devs revealed the Bounty SHADOW Briefing has been removed, as the team looks to revamp the in-match combat objective.

In a tweet shared by FortniteStatus on Twitter/X, the devs tweeted out: “We’ve removed Bounty SHADOW Briefings with today’s update while we consider a fresh take on this type of in-match combat objective.”

The post concluded with: “All other SHADOW Briefings, such as Plunder and Supply Drop, are not affected and this should have no impact on existing Quests.”

Fortnite vehicle job board

The general community sentiment around this decision is why, given Chapter 5 Season 3 is a week away from arrival. Players pleaded the developers could’ve left Bounties in-game and implemented the new changes with Season 3’s arrival.

Yet the biggest community sentiment targeted the recent shift in Fortnite’s approach to the battle royale.

As of recent, Fortnite’s decision-making regarding in-game changes has been under fire by the community, as many of the changes seem to be an attempt at Fortnite reviewing its image to be less than violent. The Dead Game skin change is one example that left the community utterly baffled. 

Aside from the questions, a few of the responses to the Bounty removal blasted Fortnite’s tone change of late.

“Too confrontational huh? Wouldn’t want to encourage people to harm each other in a battle royale” one comment said. Another added to the previous comment by saying Disney’s investment in Epic Games influenced this change and that “guns will be toy lasers or squirt guns before long.”

It’s possible the developers may be looking into adjusting Bounty logic, as it may have targeted bots that populate the battle royale, rather than actual players. For now, it’s uncertain how the Bounty system will change, or if it’ll even return, and Epic Games hasn’t elaborated on the decision to remove it either. 

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