Tfue shows off simple trick to find loot llamas in Fortnite Chapter 2

Fortnite Chapter 2 finally launched on October 15 as Epic Games overhauled the classic battle royale map and gave fans a brand-new landscape to explore. Aside from the new map, a raft of cosmetics, and some changes to the game’s mechanics, the developers opted to change the loot pool.

A ton of weapons and mobility items have been removed, giving Epic a chance to breathe new life into the game. With the smaller loot pool, however, some items are increasingly harder to find – including the loot llamas, which have been spotted on the side of hills, amid trees, and other hard to reach places.

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Twitch.tvTfue has become the biggest active streamer on Twitch following Shroud’s and Ninja’s exit to Mixer.

Yet, these are usually limited to one or two per match, so it’s pretty rare to see any more. Despite that though, during his October 25 stream, Tfue was able to nonchalantly pick out three during a drop in to a match.

As he warmed up prior to playing alongside his new-look Fortnite Championship Series squad, the popular Twitch streamer didn’t opt for a hot drop or even a brisk glide down. Instead, he stayed as high in the air as possible and begun pinging random spots.

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He was able to uncover two llamas quickly around the Slupry Swamp area while his viewers watched on, stunned at how easy it was, before he was able to uncover yet another in the distance.

The Fortnite professional has had a knack for uncovering these hard-to-find llamas from insane distances, including finding a handful from the spawn island during previous seasons.

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Back then, though, llamas were seemingly far more common than they are now, and other professionals had started pulling out similar tricks before games. 

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They may become even harder to find as Chapter 2 unfolds and more items are added to the battle royale, but that’s a decision for Epic.