Tfue shocked after strange Fortnite camera angles lead to quick death

Fortnite superstar Turner ‘Tfue‘ Tenney was stunned after his Winter Royale 2019 duos tournament match came to a swift end due to the game’s wonky camera angles that didn’t let the streamer see much of the action.

Fortnite’s third-person camera has long been a point of contention with the community. Issues with editing and shooting have been linked to the game’s strange camera angles when a player finds themselves in the middle of a fast-paced battle.

While players have since learned to compensate for the POV with great success, they still run into instances where it seems like the game is working against them.

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Epic Games

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During a recent stream, Tfue was in the final stages of a Winter Royale match with less than 10 players remaining. Players know that this phase is where battles can quickly turn from long-range affairs to close-quarter action as the Storm closes in.

The Fortnite star was trying to defend against a player who was pressing from behind them. But things got weird since the streamer was perched between a wall build and the underside of a staircase.

“I have the worst camera angle bro,” Tfue said. “What is my screen. That’s actually so AIDS bro. You have no clue what I’m looking at.”

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Since the enemy had a high-ground advantage with a relatively clear environment, they were able to land successive shots on the streamer.

Tfue, however, was working against the game’s camera since at one point half of his screen was filled with brown bricks of the staircase behind him.

The unfortunate positioning made it difficult to land meaningful shots on his opponent, especially since he was tussling between getting vision on the fight and lining up an angle on the player.

Tfue TwitchTfue had a difficult time lining up a shot since half his screen was obstructed for parts of the fight.

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After the dust settled, Tfue and his duo got fourth place in that match, but it left some wondering if they could have etched out a better placing if not for the camera issues.

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In either case, Fortnite’s camera work is decent for the most part but can cause frustration when the fights start to heat up.

Since a lot can happen in a short amount of time in Epic’s battle royale title, it would be interesting how the developers would approach a fix to this particular problem.