Fortnite Winter Royale won by rising stars – Final Placements

Epic Games

The Fortnite Winter Royale duos event has come and gone, with players taking home some nice chunks of change. Here, you’ll be able to find the results for the top teams and notable regions. 

Following on from the uber-successful Fortnite World Cup and the first real season of competitive events, Epic Games followed up on the popular Winter Royale with a second installment. 

The duos competition, which boasted a $15 million prize pool across three days of play and three different platform types, was contested by some of the best players around as they tried to bag some extra cash in time for the holidays. However, it was again some of the scene’s unknown and rising stars that managed to take home the glory.

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Epic GamesThe Winter Royale made a return with duos competition in Fortnite.

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The event was split up into the classic regions of NA East, NA West, Europe, Brazil, Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East – with a relatively similar prize pool split between the seven regions. 

As is usual though, the majority of eyes were on the NA East event, as high profile names like Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, and Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf competed. At the end of day one, it was FaZe Clan’s Diggy and his duo Marz that reigned supreme.

They couldn’t hold on to the top spot for the following days, however, as Kreo and Bucke took home the win on day two while Ajerss and Innocents bettered their first-day second-place with a win on day three. 

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Day Winners Prize
One Diggy and Marz $9,000
Two Kreo and Bucke $9,000
Three Ajerss and Innocents $9,000

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Across the pond in Europe, day one of the PC competition belonged to saevid and scolly – as they claimed victory with a 22 point gap to second place.

Day two’s winning squad came in the form of MCES duo Orkh and Podsai, as they pipped Rezon Ay and Ditrxx to top spot by five points. Though, on day three, it was the team Xypher duo of Prizmhy and Virsuh who managed a late rally to take home the victory and $4,500 each.

Day Winners Prize
One saevid and scolly $9,000
Two Orkh and Podsai $9,000
Three Prizmhy and Virsuh $9,000

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The tables below indicate the top five placing teams for the PC event on each separate day of the Winter Royale from the regions that haven’t been covered above.

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The full placements for the Winter Royale can be found via the FortniteTracker website, if you so wish to dig through and find out who finished in 316th and who finished in 1000 spots across console and mobile. 

NA West

Day Winners Prize
One Thomuss_ and wavyjаcob $9,000
Two Thomuss_ and wavyjаcob $9,000
Three Maken1x and Frapai II $9,000


Day Winners Prize
One KBR and Roboto $9,000
Two Master and C9 Nicks $9,000
Three Clipnode and Nothing $9,000


Day Winners Prize
One Slays and favs $9,000
Two No. 1 and WR.Rialy4k $9,000
Three CR Ruri 82 and CR RizArt $9,000


Day Winners Prize
One Goboz and Worthy $9,000
Two Slaya and Link $9,000
Three Caryion and Kquid $9,000

Middle East

Day Winners Prize
One Snow and Souriano $9,000
Two POWER Nm7 and POWER Rv $9,000
Three POWER FHD and POWER Yonx $9,000