SypherPK explains why popular Fortnite weapon was secretly vaulted

Connor Bennett
SypherPK on Fortnite's hellicarier

Fortnite content creator SypherPK has revealed that Epic Games have secretly vaulted a popular weapon ahead of Fortnitemares.

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As the Fortnite seasons have unfolded, Epic Games have added plenty of content, be that in the form of map changes, new weapons, or new skins. 

However, they’ve also taken plenty of weapons away. This could be because they don’t fit the style of the season or because they’ve become too strong and need a bit of balancing. 

These weapons are vaulted and aren’t unvaulted until a little while later. These changes are typically announced, however, there appears to have been a secret vaulting in Season 4.

Weapons get vaulted all the time in Fortnite, but there’s usually an announcement.

That’s right, a secret vaulting. SypherPK pointed it out in his October 8 video, noting that the RPG has disappeared from the loot that drops after defeating the Galactus bots. 

“Here’s what’s going on, these things used to give you RPGs. For some reason, they do not give you RPGs anymore,” the YouTuber said. “Epic removed RPGs from these bad boys, randomly, and no ones really talking about it much. They’re completely gone, there’s no way to get an RPG in the game anymore.”

It wasn’t just the one instance where Sypher didn’t get an RPG, though. He tried to find an RPG in another game and was unable to do so, even though the bots still dropped some ridiculous loot. 

Why is that case? Well, SypherPK suggests that it’s got something to do with Fortnitemares being just around the corner. He believes that Epic has simply taken RPGs away so that they can bring back the Pumpkin Launcher for the Halloween event. 

Of course, this seems like a pretty logical explanation and might clear up some doubt for players who were shocked that they’ve been gone. Though, it’d be a little easier to know what’s what if Epic dropped patch notes like they used to.