Something is seriously wrong with Shotgun aiming in Fortnite Chapter 2

Epic Games - Fortnite

With the introduction of Fortnite Chapter 2, the game has seen its biggest overhaul to date but one simple function appears to be completely faulty.

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Chapter 2 of Fortnite released on October 15 and brought with it a wide array of new content. From an entirely new map, to brand new features and a slew of cosmetic items, there’s plenty for the Battle Royale community to digest.

With many variants of the shotgun weapon type having been featured in the past, Chapter 2 released with just two options. The pump shotgun and the tactical shotgun, both available in all rarities from common to legendary. Yet the recent update appears to have thrown off this weapon type in a major way.

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The issue stems from hit-detection in the latest update. While a large majority of weapons appear to have been kept largely intact, the accuracy of shotguns has evidently taken a hit.

As demonstrated throughout a recent clip, no longer do players need to have pinpoint precision in order to connect their shots with the close-ranged weaponry.

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Walking towards a static opponent, the clip from Twitter user ‘jvmsidxx,’ begins by demonstrating just how faulty the current hit-detection is with shotgun weapons. 

Aiming to the left of the enemy, with the reticle completely off the target at times, the clip highlighted how damage can still be dealt, even if you miss your shots by a significant margin.

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The 40 seconds clip gave time for the enemy to respawn before being picked off one last time by shotgun shells that undeniably should have missed.

Such an egregious example of a horrendous, game-changing bug, the video even caught the attention of Fortnite superstar Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins. “Here is the clip,”  he Tweeted in order to circulate the gameplay and hopefully bring it to the attention of Epic Games so that a fix can soon be implemented.

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Being able to find eliminations without properly aiming and connecting shots is obviously a huge issue for any competitive shooter, let alone Fortnite just days after the launch of Chapter 2.

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The latest update is one of the biggest in Fortnite history, yet the full patch notes are still yet to be unveiled. Perhaps there are more bugs under the surface similar to the shotgun hit-detection, that haven’t yet been discovered.