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Simple Fortnite trick lets you hide underwater for the entire game

Published: 10/Aug/2021 22:47

by Alan Bernal


Fortnite players use every trick in the book to get ahead of their competition including harmless emotes that can apparently help save you in a tricky situation.

Since the beginning, Epic Games built in diverse terrain in their battle royale to give players a whole sandbox to build and fight out of. There’s been a ton of creativity since that’s created the meta we know today.

Well to throw a wrench in the works, some people are finding some brilliant stall tactics to dip out of danger when needed. Some tricks can also lend themselves to amusing, though risky, sneak attacks that can help you notch an extra kill or two.


Pulling off some of these feats isn’t so hard either, as user ‘DarthBen_in_Chicago’ showed with just the help of The Worm emote and a nearby river.

Emoting underwater is a great way to hide if you need to AFK (or sneak attack someone)! It doesn’t work against bots though. Highlights here: from FortNiteBR

They shared a clip on Reddit that showed them using the turquoise Hunter Legendary outfit that does a good enough job of blending into its surroundings.

While it’s not perfect, it’s also not readily noticeable in the fast-paced BR. Some were surprised that players didn’t hear the sounds emitted from the emote, even if they were well within earshot.

In any case, DarthBen showed some examples of how it can be effective at getting you out of some trouble, although maybe not against bots. If you’re persistent enough, you could even try to hold out for the entire game.


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Tricky players could be hiding in Fortnite’s many rivers

Just remember, out of the few hundred Fortnite players this will work on, there’s bound to be those cracked players who won’t fall for this.

Even still, Fortnite has always been a game about ridiculous antics, and this one just happens to help out on both offense and defense.

Note, if you don’t have The Worm emote, then players also suggested trying the Have a Seat emote. But your mileage may vary.