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Secret Fortnite update made vehicles much more deadly

Published: 17/Oct/2021 0:52

by Alan Bernal


A secret update to Fortnite made vehicles much deadlier than before and could make them a lot more viable for teams to play around.

The Fortnite v18.20 update brought a lot of major bug fixes and XP changes to quests. But, it also introduced the ability to stand on cars even while they’re in motion.

That might not be the most game-breaking change ever in the battle royale, but this patch could drastically improve the viability of cars in Fortnite.

Traditionally, cars in Fortnite have been huge clunky targets that give off obvious sound queues to other players. Unlike Apex Legends and Warzone, there isn’t much a car can offer in terms of offense.


Fortnite car update

However, the 18.20 update has given the Fortnite community a whole new way to use cars. The unlisted change made it so that people could step on top of a car or on its hood and stay fixed on the spot while moving.

For squads of more than two people, this will also let everyone prop themselves on a vehicle, instead of leaving behind the unlucky few who don’t fit inside.

More importantly, those who stand on top can still have their weapons drawn — which unlocks the offensive capabilities of utilizing a car like never before.

This can come in handy for most cars, but the secret update really opens up the possibilities for pickup trucks.


fortnite cars update
Epic Games
Cars have felt strange to use in Fortnite’s fast-paced environment but that could change.

The changes to Fortnite’s cars could also have implications for reviving teammates. Warzone players already know how vehicles can contribute to a clutch getaway, and the same might be true for Epic’s battle royale too.

Since Fortnite players don’t slide off cars anymore either, it’ll be interesting to see if players will start driving downed players away from fights to safely rez them elsewhere.