Unique Warzone Big Bertha trick is perfect for clutch revives


Warzone players can have multiple strategies to approach certain situations. One of the best vehicles is the cargo truck that can take heavy damage moving around the map, but this new trick shows how Big Bertha can also be an insane medic.

There are many different forms of transportation in Warzone. Players have access to bikes, ATVs, helicopters, cargo trucks, and more.

All of these can serve different purposes and allow you to play at a certain pace. While each vehicle can be useful to get around the map, some can serve as a killing machine by running people over.

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However, players have just discovered a cool trick that turns Big Bertha into an emergency ambulance should your teammate need it.

Warzone bertha trucksActivision
Cargo trucks can be extremely helpful when reviving teammates.

Big Bertha trick comes in handy for revive

One of Warzone’s most iconic vehicles is turning out to be more than a mode of transportation for players. This new trick with the cargo truck can be extremely useful and change the way people play.

This Reddit clip posted by ‘sonic2876’ shows the true power Bertha can bring to Verdansk. After their teammate was downed this player decided to hop in the truck and proceed to push them until it was safe.

So the player decided instead of attempting to revive their teammate in the open, why not just drive miles away. Since there is no friendly fire in Warzone they were able to drive the Bertha without finishing off the downed player.

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You hear the players laughing about it when they reach a building and can safely get the revive off.

This was a huge heads-up play and adds to the list of things that the cargo truck can be used for. While this can be a bit difficult to coordinate it could be something to look for when taking fights.