Fortnite Search and Destroy LTM leaked following v11.40 update

Eli Becht
Fortnite chapter 2 screenshot

Following the first Fortnite patch in over a month, a brand-new LTM has been leaked and for the first time ever, it’s looking like Search and Destroy will be making its way to the battle royale title.

Fortnite fans were extremely excited when the v11.40 update hit, but some even bigger news came out of what the dataminers were able to find in the files.

Lucas7yoshi discovered a new LTM on the horizon, called Search and Destroy, and it even comes with its own set of challenges for players to complete.

Outside of these challenges, not a whole lot has been revealed about what this will entail, except that it’ll be an LTM in Creative Mode.

Traditionally, Search and Destroy modes in other games have meant players have just one life and they have to either eliminate the opposing team or detonate a bomb, while the other team is tasked with defending.

Fortnite doesn’t have a set assortment of weapons players start out with, but thanks to the magic of Creative Mode, things like this can be made possible.

Modern Warfare Search and Destory
Search and Destroy has been a staple of Call of Duty and now it looks like it’s coming to Fortnite.

We don’t know exactly what format Search will take in Fortnite, but we’ll certainly learn more about that once it’s closer to arrival.

It’s important to note that this information remains a leak for the time being, so take it with a pinch of salt until we get official word from Epic themselves.

If these challenges are real, then there will be a lot of experience up for grabs for players to level up their Battle Pass. A spray and a couple of cosmetics are also available, so there’s no reason to avoid them.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Loading Screen
Search and Destroy is supposedly coming to Fortnite, but what else?

None of the challenges make it sound like you’ll have to be a star player, so they should be easy enough to complete as long as you put the time in.

Outside of this game mode, there’s not a whole lot that came out of this patch if you’re a fan of things other than cosmetics.

Perhaps we will get a bit more in the next update, but we no longer have a specific timetable to expect that, especially since this latest one took over a month to arrive.

Now that we’re out of the holiday season, perhaps we Epic will get back on track with the weekly updates.