What to expect in v6.02 update in Fortnite – release date/time and details

Albert Petrosyan

UPDATE: The V6.02 patch is now LIVE. Check out the patch notes here.

Epic Games have announced the release date and time for the v6.02 update in Fortnite Battle Royale, the second update since the start of Season 6.

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The update is set to go live on Wednesday, October 10 at 1 AM PT / 4 AM ET / 8 PM BST and will require downtime, which means that the matchmaking will likely be disabled 20-25 minutes prior to launch. 

The announcement for the v6.02 update was made via a post on the official Fortnite Twitter page on October 2.

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Since Patch Notes usually do not get released until updates go live, there is no way to know exactly what changes and additions it will bring to Fortnite.

However, one item that is very likely to be added is the new Quad Launcher, a new type of launcher that can shoot up to four rockets at once.

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The launcher was first revealed on October 8, when it appeared as ‘coming soon’ in the pre-lobby announcement menu in Fortnite.

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Additionally, Epic may finally decide to add the Disco Domination Limited Time Mode that it teased last week in the same announcement screen. 

Players expected the new LTM to be added with the v6.01 update, but that turned out to not be the case, and instead could feature in the v6.02 patch instead. 

V6.02 is expected to address a series of in-game bugs and glitches that have been plaguing Fortnite lately. Epic confirmed on the Fortnite community Trello page that fixes for three issues are lined up to be implemented once this patch goes live.

Players can also expect for there to be new cosmetic items added via this update, all of which will likely be leaked by data miners almost immediately after the patch goes live. This includes the new ‘bone-chilling gear’ that was announced hours before the update, which could include the rare ‘Skull Trooper’ skin.

There may also be further changes made to the Fortnite map, as Epic continue to add Halloween themed props and decorations. One such prop can be the inflated Tubeman Llama that was recently found in game files.

Make sure to monitor the Dexerto website and Twitter as we will provide the full Patch Notes, details on all changes, and all leaked cosmetic items once the update goes live on October 10.