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Twitch streamer apologizes after argument with his mom gets physical

Published: 18/Jan/2020 19:08

by Virginia Glaze


A small-time Twitch streamer has taken to social media with an apology after a heated argument with his mother took a turn for the worse.

Although Twitch is often touted for the unexpected moments that get caught on camera, one young Fortnite streamer’s broadcast takes the proverbial cake of unanticipated things that viewers stumble upon online.

Rather than scoring some sick dubs, though, the Fortnite player was engaged in a screaming match with his mother, following what seems to be a three-day stint of playing the ever-popular battle royale game.

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A Fortnite streamer’s broadcast was interrupted by a heated argument with his mother.

Although it’s unclear what’s being argued about in the beginning of a clip from his now-deleted VOD, it appears as though his mother wants to see something on screen, which the streamer refuses to show her.


“Ryan!” his mother pleads, exasperated, before the screen goes black and the room gets dark, as though she unplugged something.

Photo of a teenager with headphones playing a PC game.
After a multi-day stint of online gaming, a Fortnite streamer’s mother had enough.

“I’ll punch you in the throat, r***rd,” the streamer, going by the screename “yyedge” threatened in retaliation.

That wasn’t the worst of it: he went on to seemingly kick his mother, leading to her expletive-infused response.

“Oh my f**king god!” she yelled. “You are not on there for two days! Two days! Yes, you just f**ked yourself.”

A viewer posted the disturbing clip to Reddit, leading to a swath of concern online over the incident and shock that the youngster hadn’t been banned over the altercation.


However, it doesn’t look like the clip escaped yyedge’s notice, as he took to Twitter with an apology post on January 15, admitting that he was in the wrong and claiming that the argument wasn’t supposed to be broadcast online.

yyedge, Twitlonger
Stremer “yyedge” has apologized after a clip of an argument with his mother spread online.

“Ok, what I did was wrong,” he admitted. “…What I’ve learned from it is that I really do need to work on my anger issues and control my actions. We both talked about what happened, and we both agreed to go see someone and get our relationship back on track.”

In spite of the disturbing altercation, it looks like both yyedge and his mother are working on rekindling their relationship, giving an unhappy story a heartwarming ending.