Pokimane teases mysterious new contract – is it Mixer?

Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane‘ Anys revealed that she’s in the process of signing a contract and making an announcement soon, sending her fans into a frenzy as they speculate if she could be the next streaming star to move to Mixer.

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Twitch has lost top streamers Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins and Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek in the last three months, leading many to speculate who else might be in talks with Microsoft to sign an exclusive deal for their streaming platform. 

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During her latest stream on October 30, Pokimane teased that she is currently signing a contact and will have something to announce soon, fueling the speculation that she might be the first major female streamer to leave Twitch for Mixer.

Instagram: @pokimanelolThe Twitch star is the number one female streamer on the streaming platform, with over 3.4 million followers.
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Did Pokimane tease a potential Mixer move?

The Twitch star was chatting with her audience, when she teased them with a mysterious announcement. “I’m not gonna lie I do have something to announce. I’m signing the contract most likely soon!” she exclaimed.

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This sent her chat into a frenzy, as many users spammed “Mixer” and speculated what she could be hinting at. The streaming personality clarified that it had nothing to do with Japan, as that is a different future announcement.

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As her fans continued to say she’s moving to Mixer, the Twitch star addressed it and said, “You guys can say Mixer as much as you want. You could literally spam that word a million times in my chat. It will not change what I’m gonna say!”

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Not shooting the idea down, she then teased further and exclaimed, “Like whether it is, or whether it’s not. It won’t matter. Because what am I saying now? Nothing. I’m going to say it when I say it. I’m not saying sh*t now!”

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The streaming personality said she wasn’t kidding, but then told her audience how she would have trolled people with a Mixer meme. “I wanted to on Twitter, and be like listen guys, I’m moving to a new streaming platform. Is it Mixer? Is it YouTube? Is it Facebook? Are you staying on Twitch?”

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She then explained the punchline. “Guys new live streaming platform, and then I just link f*cking to [adult site] slash Pokimane” the Twitch star laughed. All jokes aside, she clarified that she does have an announcement. “It’s true I do have something to announce. It’s soon though, it’s very very soon!”

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Only time will tell what Pokimane’s announcement may actually be, as the star was tight-lipped when pressed further on it. But she did joke that it could be something like “getting a new cat”, which could be seen as her lowering fans’ expectations.

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However, if Microsoft did land a deal with her, it would be a major blow to Twitch as she is currently the top female channel on the platform as of the time of writing this article.  

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