How to enter Fortnite’s Emote Royale Contest on TikTok

Connor Bennett

Epic Games are giving Fortnite fans another chance to get their very own emote in the game with the Emote Royale contest that is taking place on TikTok. So, here’s what you need to know about getting involved.

While fans have flocked to Fortnite to experience the popular and vibrant battle royale, many have tried to make their make with their own ideas for cosmetics, points of interest, and even weapons.

Some have seen their cosmetics in the game – with the Tender Defender – being the most notable, but there’s also a few emotes in there too. They came from the Boogie Down competition that Epic Games ran back in 2018 but now they’re re-doing it in the form of the Emote Royale on TikTok.

An image of a Fortnite dance move.

Unsurprisingly, if you want to enter the Fortnite x TikTok Emote Royale, you’re going to have to have a TikTok account. From there, you have to upload a short clip of your dance or funky moves with the #EmoteRoyaleContest tag attached before January 24 at 11:59 PM PST. 

These dances, though, must use the pre-selected Fortnite tracks from the Epic website, and come from someone who is at least 13 years old. So, if you’re a little younger, get someone else to enter for you. 

The winner, which will be decided by Epic – just like the Boogie Down contest – will get to see their emote in-game and receive a few other prizes as well. These include 25,000 V-Bucks and a Fortnite VIP giveaway package.

Of course, the Boogie Down winning emote is just called ‘Boogie Down’ in-game, but that’s not the only dance that came from that craze.

The iconic ‘Orange Justice’ dance also got added after a tonne of support from fans so, if you manage to go viral like Orange Shirt Kid, you could also find yourself in Fortnite – just without the other prizes. Best of luck!

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