Ninja’s Fortnite streaming hours reveal just how hard he works to stay at number one

. 4 years ago

Ninja has revealed how much he has streamed Fortnite this year – and, according to stats, it works out as more than twice the amount of hours of an average American in full-time employment.

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The Twitch sensation took to Twitter on December 2, disclosing he’d played 3,800 hours of the popular battle royale game in 2018 so far. 

While he is paid very handsomely for playing video games in front of his fans, he is working a lot more than many people in full-time employment.  

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average working week in the USA consists of 34.5 hours of work, whereas Ninja is putting in approximately 80 hours per week – over double the national average.

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The Twitch sensation has built the largest following on the entire platform, with almost 12.5 million followers and 46,276 paying subscribers.

Each of those subscribers pay $4.99 per month to Twitch, and Ninja receives around $3.50 for every one of them, making his current annual earnings approximately $1.9 million before tax, not including sponsorship deals. 

Of course, there are streamers who will work similar hours and not earn nearly half as much as the 27-year-old. Indeed, some will have to balance other commitments, such as a full or part-time job.

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Other streamers also have to juggle a professional esports career with content creation.

In the run up the Call of Duty’s CWL Las Vegas Open, eUnited’s Main AR Player James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks tweeted about the struggles of competing in tournaments and also streaming for their fans. 

He said: “I see some people on the subreddit complaining about no streams and no content. Y’all gotta realize we’re basically being split down the middle; create content and win tournaments. It’s really hard to do both well.”

It is difficult to balance different commitments, but Ninja’s streaming hours show just how many hours he needs to put in to remain at number one.

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