Clayster explains why there’s a lack of pro streams ahead of CWL Vegas


James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks has hit back at people complaining about a lack of pro player streams and content during the run-up to the Call of Duty World League Championships in Las Vegas. 

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The tournament, which begins on December 7, is an important one for the 26-year old and he didn’t hold back on Twitter as he addressed his concerns with fan expectations on December 3.

Clayster said: “4 Days before the biggest tournament for the rest of the year and I see some people on the subreddit complaining about no streams and no content.

“Y’all gotta realize we’re basically being split down the middle; create content and win tournaments. It’s rly hard to do both well”. 

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This wasn’t the end of his explanation, either. 

eUnited’s Main AR Player went on to explain the challenge professional CoD players like himself are facing, trying to juggle between competing for major honors and appeasing a fanbase’s desire for content. 

He said: “Being so hard on the pros for not streaming makes it difficult to want to stream and create content”. 

Clayster explained that the relationship between fans and pros is in danger of becoming quite toxic, where some pros are feeling “taken advantage of.”

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Fans surely won’t want the players and teams they support to feel distracted ahead of CWL Las Vegas, but that seems to be how it is going down at the moment for some.

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The competition will run through until December 9, with a prize pool of $250,000 up for grabs. 

Clayster and his eUnited teammates have had a promising start to the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 season but the true challenge will come when the first LAN event finally gets underway.