Ninja vows not to play Fortnite again after getting stream sniped

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Ninja quits fortnite

Ninja has vowed never to play or stream Fortnite again after he was allegedly stream sniped by a player who targeted and killed him four games in a row.

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins will always be remembered for his rise to fame during Fortnite’s peak. At one point, his name was synonymous with the game, and it was all he played. But all good things must come to an end, and like any gamer, he got bored and moved on.

Now, he plays everything from League of Legends to Valorant, the latter of which he plays competitively. It had been a while since he dabbled in Fortnite, but he made an exciting return in a recent stream.

However, the nostalgia and good times didn’t last long. After constant encounters with stream snipers, he vowed to never play the game again.

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Ninja has moved on to other games, but he’ll always be remembered for his iconic Fortnite phase.

“It’s the same kids, bro. Get out of my game. Get away from me,” he said. “You’re not proving anything by going into a f**king game and running to someone, and when you know, they’re in a fight with somebody and f**king killing them.”

“This game is so f**king stupid, bro,” he added. “Like, the community, these little kids, it’s just so dumb. It really is. It’s not fun. It’s just not. And the thing is, these f**king clout-chasing losers, they have no idea. All they’re doing is just harming the game because I’m gonna f**king play it. I’m not gonna stream it.”

“But good for you, man,” he said. “Get your f**king clip [and] send it to your buddies. You killed Ninja. I haven’t played the game in forever. I don’t play it anymore. I come back, and I still almost kill all of you idiots. You guys grind this game 12 hours a day… and I still almost down you with zero practice competitively.”

Ninja has been criticized for accusing people of stream sniping in the past. His accusations even resulted in some people getting them banned.

However, it seems like he was telling the truth in this instance since the same player targeted him four games in a row.

But regardless of whether people believe him or not, Ninja has vowed never to play the game again. It’s been a long time since it was his main game, but if he follows through with his claims, his presence will be sorely missed.

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