Ninja left speechless after choking Fortnite win by trolling final enemy

an image of ninja blevins playing fortniteTwitch: Ninja

Fortnite streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins was left speechless after he was brutally defeated, as a result of choking completely while toying with his enemy.

In games like Fortnite or Warzone, lightning-fast reactions are essential to emerging the victor. Some players may prefer to hunt down their enemies methodically, others prefer to use aggressive tactics.

Eventually, it all leads to a one-versus-one confrontation for victory. Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is no stranger to dominating his foes in Epic Games’ popular battle royale, especially when he’s streaming to every major platform in the world.

However, Ninja’s viewers were stunned after the Fortnite streamer fumbled a potential win.

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Ninja pays the price for attempting to troll his Fortnite enemy

If there’s any place that is horrendous for grabbing a Fortnite victory, Tilted Towers definitely ranks among them. Ninja was deep into the endgame phase of a match as the final circle drew to a close.

With just one enemy in the way of a victory royale, the pair’s epic clash saw Ninja get too cocky for his own good. After hitting his foe with a few decent shots and using a Shockwave Grenade to reach him, Ninja did what all fiery Fortnite players get tempted to do: fire off a few emotes.

“Hit ’em with the little pom-pom dude,” Ninja declared as his rattled through a few different emotes.

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With the victory seemingly locked in following a devious Boogie Bomb deployment, little did Ninja know that this fateful tactical move would be his last.

His opponent didn’t hesitate to take advantage of Ninja’s taunting as they unleashed a barrage of bullets. Unable to comprehend the magnitude of this humiliating loss, all the streamer could do was sink into his chair.

Viewers of Ninja have responded to the clip in question, with many agreeing he deserved this outcome. One TikToker said “honestly, that’s what he gets” as a result of baiting his enemy.

Many commented that it is “so satisfying” to see the streamer lose, while others have critiqued his strategy: “It’s always the boogie bombs and emotes combined that are his worst moments.”

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Perhaps this is a good time for Ninja to leave the emotes in his locker.