Ninja, DrLupo, Timthetatman consider ditching Fortnite over BRUTE mechs

Connor Bennett

Streaming stars Tyler ‘Fortnite’s BRUTE mechs, and are considering playing different games until they are removed.

The BRUTE Mechs, which were added to Fortnite with the start of Season X, have become one of the most controversial additions in the short history of the battle royale title.

Competitive star Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has already raged about them on more than one occasion, even stating that he was considering uninstalling the game and launching a tirade at Epic Games. Yet, some of the biggest content creators in the Fortnite scene are also considering a protest of sorts.

Epic GamesThe BRUTE in Fortnite has already cause plenty of anger from players – both competitive and casual alike.

During their August 8 stream, the trio opened up about heading to other games instead of sticking around. “I just can’t believe they put them in the game – put them into arena,” stated TimTheTatman before Ninja asked: “Why are they here?”

It didn’t take long for other ideas to come up. Ninja and DrLupo immediately turned their attention to possibly playing PUBG duos, while TimTheTatman explained that he would go back to Overwatch for some vintage streams if that was the case.

“As long as mechs are in this game,” TimTheTatman concluded, “This is officially a Classic WoW waiting room.”

Despite their veiled threats towards a boycott, the trio, alongside FaZe Clan’s Dennis ‘cloak’ Lepore, soldiered on for a few more hours of Fortnite play before calling it quits later in the day.

Yet, after hopping off, DrLupo returned with a late-night solo stream and followed through on his promise of a different game.

Lupo hopped into matches on PUBG, seemingly trying his hand at another battle royale to gauge his skills compared to Fortnite. He also noted that he might have hopped into Apex Legends but dying over and over on Erangel put an end to those hopes.

It remains to be seen if Ninja and TimTheTatman will follow suit and dive into different titles – or if they will carry on with Fortnite. Last time they all boycotted Epic Games’ title, they headed to Uno alongside Jack ‘Courage’ Dunlop and gave fans some of their most entertaining content in a while.

Whether or not that they do that this time around though, nobody is quite sure just yet – but the possibility might have their viewers salivating at the thought.

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