Fortnite is so boring that Ninja, CouRage, and others are playing UNO for gifted subs

Eli Becht

After Epic Games released a controversial Fortnite update with v8.20, many of the big streamers played Uno for a night instead.

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Fortnite has been on top of the gaming world for over a year now but player morale is shaken after a new update introduced a ranked mode and changed up the rules in the normal lobbies.

It’s not an understatement to say much of the pro community is upset about these changes as many of them are arguing for Epic Games to completely revert the update.

This probably won’t happen but Epic Games has shown a tendency to listen to player feedback so it’s very likely they are hearing everything the players are saying.

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One way players can put a dent into Fortnite is by not streaming the game, which is what many of the top streamers decided to do on March 28.

Ninja, CouRage, Marcel and TimTheTatman all decided to play Uno together instead of Fortnite, which actually resulted in a surprisingly hilarious and entertaining stream.

Friendships were ruined

For everyone that spams “We miss NinjasHyper” he was back in full force with Uno as he was hurling insults to all the other players in what ended up being a highly contested night of Uno.

There was a lot of swearing, a lot of friendships being destroyed, and a lot of money being exchanged.

The four streamers started the night off by offering 20 gifted subs, better known as $100, for the winner but after Tim kept winning, the rules soon changed and the stakes were raised even higher.

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The stakes were very high

At one point, the wager was 100 Tier 2 subs, which would equate to $1000, meaning the stakes were very high in Uno. What makes all of this funny is the fact Uno is a game that is almost solely based on luck.

The group was also playing with rules where playing a ‘0’ or a ‘7’ would switch your hand with another play, just adding to the complete randomness.

As the games went into the wee hours of the night, the players reported in the morning that it was hard to even look at their bank accounts.

A lot of money was exchanged in just a few hours of Uno

Ninja said he just turned off his phone after checking his PayPal but Courage said his bank called him and was concerned with all of his spending so fast.

It’ll be hard to recapture the magic that was that Uno stream but fans can either catch a video of it or wait for the inevitable return of Uno by the four friends.

If these four don’t play Uno again in the future it would definitely be a shame.