Epic apparently set to “nerf” BRUTE mech in Fortnite following backlash

Joe Craven

Since its addition to the game at the inception of Season X, the BRUTE mech suit has received an overwhelmingly negative response from the Fortnite community – both casual and competitive, but Epic might be making changes soon.

There have been numerous Reddit posts blasting the robot, as well as a number of prominent creators criticizing its implementation, including Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop and Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney. 

Many feel that the robot is out of place in the game, as well as being far too difficult to combat. It’s fair to say there is widespread confusion about why it has been added to the main game modes, rather than as a LTM. 

Previously, when an overpowered or generally disliked weapon or item has been added, Epic will respond to the backlash with a nerf, or even complete removal of the feature.

It appears the BRUTE robots are destined for the same fate, at least if one Reddit user’s enquiries are anything to go by. On August 2, u/Some_Cheese said they emailed Epic about the BRUTE, and received a reply which states it is to be nerfed. 

“I do apologize for the inconvenience it has caused,” says the ‘Epic Games Expert’. “Rest assured the developers will nerf B.R.U.T.E soon due to a lot of players filing a complaint.”

Epic Games/Reddit u/Some_CheeseThe full response from ‘Gab V’.

He also states that it “might” be removed from Fortnite’s competitive modes. 

It’s important to remember that they are not directly involved in the development process, and so this remains unconfirmed for now. 

However, given the extent of player feedback, and the fact Epic have been quick to fix similar complaints in the past, it does seem likely that we’ll see an Epic response of some kind in the near future. 

It is not the first time Epic have added a controversial item into the main game without consultation or a trial period. 

Back in December 2018, the Infinity Blade was thrown into all forms of the game, before being vaulted just 4 days later, after significant community backlash. 

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