NickEh30 accused of cheating in $500k charity Fortnite Streamer Bowl

Twitter: NickEh30 / Twitch

Popular Fortnite streamer NickEh30 has been accused of cheating in the $500,000 Streamer Bowl charity event, and people aren’t happy about it.

Teaming alongside Minnesota Vikings Tight End David Morgan, the duo found themselves losing a grasp on the leaders of the pack and not as high in the leaderboards as they might have hoped.

Though the event was one for charity and spirits were generally high, even in Nick and Morgan’s camp, there was still a competitive spirit to it, but it seems that spirit got the better of Nick, who couldn’t resist twisting the rules to give his side more of an edge.

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Twitter: NickEh30
Nick is well-known for being a family-friendly and is commonly seen as one of the nicest personalities in Fortnite.

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During the Streamer Bowl, teams were given landing zones that they were allowed to land in, and landing outside said zone was a punishable offense.

There was an allotted area around and including Dirty Docks on the easternmost side of the map that teams were allowed to drop in during game 3, but in their pre-game discussion, you can hear Nick discussing landing outside of it with Morgan.

“What if we stretch out a little more,” he asks his teammate. “There are no real POIs that are nearby, that’s the only problem. Remember, we only get a warning. We don’t get [inaudible]. It’s not a bad thing.”

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Taking to the FortniteCompetitive subreddit, many were disappointed or angry to see what was going on, accusing him of cheating, especially because of the fact that it was a charity tournament.

One commenter said that it is “pathetic,” and that he used the advantage of landing outside of the zone to sneak up and kill Chap, asking “how fake can you be?”


Another said that personalities that base their persona around being super nice are “usually the biggest scumbags.”

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Naturally, a number of people jumped to Nick’s defense, comparing it to traditional sports where players will purposely take a foul or go down easily to swing things in their favor a little, but these comments bore the brunt of downvotes from other users.

Nick and Morgan ended up placing sixth in the Streamer Bowl tournament, sharing a $30,000 prize to donate to a charity of their choice.

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