Clix & Tarik Cohen win $500K Fortnite NFL Streamer Bowl – final standings

Albert Petrosyan. Last updated: Jan 31, 2020
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Cody ‘Clix’ Conrod and Chicago Bears star Tarik Cohen have won the $500,000 Fortnite Streamer Bowl charity event, hosted by Epic Games and Twitch Rivals during the week of Super Bowl LIV.

With Epic Games and Twitch both having long-standing partnerships with the NFL, what better way to add to the Super Bowl LIV festivities than with a massive Fortnite tournament featuring the platform’s most popular streamers paired up with some of football’s biggest stars.

The Streamer Bowl took place on January 30, just a few days before the highly-anticipated big game, and handed out $500,000 in total prize money that will go to the participants’ charities of choice.

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Below, you can find everything there is to know about this competition, including the competition’s final standings, list of teams, the format, and more.

Fortnite NFL Streamer Bowl final standings

The victorious duo of Conrod and Cohen took out the $125,000 top prize after a nailbiting finish between Misfits teammates Clix and Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf. Clix’s last-second kill on his fellow Fortnite pro clinched first place with a hefty 69 points.

Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney and Kyler Murray brought up second place with 46 points, with their 16 eliminations propping them up despite a more mixed 7.25 average placement. Aydan and Kurt Benkert rounded out the top three with 40 points.

Tfue was named the tournament’s MVP.

1 Clix x Tarik Cohen 2.75 23 69 $125,000
2 Tfue x Kyler Murray 7.25 16 46 $80,000
3 Aydan x Kurt Benkert 6.25 15 40 $60,000
4 Bugha x JuJu Smith-Schuster 8.25 8 33 $50,000
5 Chap x Kyle Van Noy 6.75 7 31 $40,000
6 NickEh30 x David Morgan 9.75 11 29 $30,000
7 NICKMERCS x Mike Evans 8.5 11 28 $25,000
8 Symfuhny x DK Metcalf 4.75 4 24 $20,000
9 UnknownxArmy x Avonte Maddox 10 7 23 $15,000
10 Reverse2k x Baker Mayfield 8.75 5 15 $10,000
11 DrLupo x Keenan Allen 10 4 12 $7,500
12 NateHill x Eddie Vanderdoes 8.75 3 12 $7,500
13 BrookeAB x Eric Ebron 12.75 3 8 $7,500
14 elded x Kenyan Drake 11 2 8 $7,500
15 TimTheTatman x Johnathan Abram 9.75 1 7 $7,500
16 LosPollosTV x Jamal Adams 10.75 0 3 $7,500

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Fortnite NFL Streamer Bowl players & teams

As expected for a grand event like this, there are a lot of big names that are competing at this year’s Streamer Bowl, both from Twitch and the NFL.

The streamer side is headlined with some huge names like Tfue, NICKMERCS, TimTheTatman, and Aydan, while representing the NFL are star players Mike Evans, Baker Mayfield, Keenan Allen, Jamal Adams and more.

Here’s the list of all the duos:

  • Bugha and JuJu Smith-Schuster (Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • Tfue and Kyler Murray (Arizona Cardinals)
  • Reverse2K and Baker Mayfield (Cleveland Browns)
  • LosPollosTV and Jamal Adams (New York Jets)
  • TimTheTatman and Johnathan Abram (Las Vegas Raiders)
  • Symfuhny and D.K. Metcalf (Seattle Seahawks)
  • Dr. Lupo and Keenan Allen (Los Angeles Chargers)
  • Nickmercs and Mike Evans (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
  • Chap and Kyle Van Noy (New England Patriots)
  • Clix and Tarik Cohen (Chicago Bears)
  • NickEh30 and David Morgan (Minnesota Vikings)
  • Elded and Kenyan Drake (Arizona Cardinals)
  • Ayden and Kurt Benkert (Atlanta Falcons)
  • UnknownxArmy and Avonte Maddox (Philadelphia Eagles)
  • NateHill and Eddie Vanderdoes (Houston Texans)
  • BrookeAB and Eric Ebron (Indianapolis Colts)

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Fortnite NFL Streamer Bowl format, rules, prizing

The 16 duos will play four matches overall with each team assigned a point-of-interest where they must land at the start of each game.

The scoring system will be based on both placements and eliminations; Victory Royales will be worth three points, finishing in the top-three worth two points, top-twelve a single point and each kill two points.

Here’s a full breakdown of the format, rules, and scoring, as provided by Twitch Rivals:

  • Streamer Bowl Overview: Hot Drop POIs Format
    • Teams will play four (4) games of Custom Matchmaking in the Arena Duos matchmaking playlist
    • Before the start of each game, teams will be given a single point-of-interest (POI) and the map coordinates where they will land
    • Players will drop to and be confined to this boundary until the storm is projected to cover the area
    • Once that phase of the storm begins closing, players will receive audio and visual cues to signal that they may leave the POI and play out the rest of the game as normal.
  • Primary POIs
    • Hot Drop #1: Frenzy Farm (E3:F4)
    • Hot Drop #2: Sweaty Sands (B3:C4)
    • Hot Drop #3: Dirty Docks (G4:H5)
    • Hot Drop #4: Lazy Lake (E5:F6)
  • Backup POIs
    • Craggy Cliffs (E1:F2)
  • Restrictions
    • Players/teams cannot use boats
    • Players/teams cannot loot or visit POIs directly outside of the boundaries until signaled that they are able to leave the boundary. This means:
      • Salty Springs outside of Hot Drop #2 is off limits until signaled
      • Retail Row outside of Hot Drop #3 is off limits until signaled
  • Penalties
    • If one or more players are caught outside of the coordinates before they are signaled to leave, the following penalties will be handed to their respective team(s):
      • Warning
      • Loss of 4 points from the game
      • Loss of all points and immediately leave the game
  • Scoring Structure
Victory Royale +3
Reach Top 2 +2
Reach Top 3 +2
Reach Top 4 +1
Reach Top 8 +1
Reach Top 12 +1
Each Elimination 2 Points
  • Prizing
1st $125,000
2nd $80,000
3rd $60,000
4th $50,000
5th $40,000
6th $30,000
7th $25,000
8th $20,000
9th $15,000
10th $10,000
11-16th $7,500

In addition to the $500,000 in charity money that will be awarded in this competition, there’s also $80,000 in gifted subscriptions on the line, although Twitch has not revealed how that will be divided between the teams.