New Fortnite leak reveals possible look at Season 6 skins

Epic Games

A brand-new leak has possibly given Fortnite fans their first look at some new skins coming to the game during Season 6, and although they are more than likely not a part of the upcoming Battle Pass, they are still certainly interesting.

New Fortnite skins are something that fans always look forward to when the next season starts up. Regardless of whether or not the skins will appear in the Battle Pass, allowing them to get a slew of content for just a few V-Bucks, the anticipation of new ones happens every time.

Now, it appears that fans might have their first look at some upcoming skins if a new rumor is to be believed.

Epic Games
Fortnite’s current battle pass features seven skins, but rumors say the leak won’t be a part of the next one.

According to multiple reports, Kevuru Games has uploaded some Season 6 skins to their official ArtStation account, which allows artists to show off any of projects that they are working on. The image itself is public and was originally uploaded to the site around eight days ago, on March 2, 2021.

The image features eight different skins, which has lead some to believe these might be a part of the battle pass, however, this is reportedly inaccurate. Instead, they’ll more than likely be featured in the Item Shop, if they get released at all of course.

All of them don’t seem to have an underlying theme as well but they are still interesting designs. One of the more interesting ones features a genie coming out of a lamp, with the lamp forming one of its feet.

Especially in today’s age, plans change all the time, so fans shouldn’t get too attached to these skins until Epic officially announces them. There is some precedent to them being real, however.

Kevuru Games has worked with Epic Games in the past for a few cosmetics, which does lead credence to the fact that they would work with them again.

Whether or not these skins make their way into the game remains to be seen, however. Only time will tell whether or not it proves to be accurate.