Mongraal, Reversek2K win Fortnite FNCS Season 4 Grand Finals: results

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FNCS Grand Finals

Fortnite Champion Series has come and gone for another season and we’ve got you covered with all of the results from around the globe for the explosive Grand Finals.

The best teams in the world have been battling it out over the past few weeks. FNCS is one of the biggest competitions in Fortnite and after a lengthy qualifying process, the winners have all been crowned.

Season 4’s iteration of the tournament saw Trios dropping into the mix so naturally, the best players lined up for each qualifier. From Europe’s best to some of the biggest names in North America, veterans and newcomers alike made a splash.

If you missed any of the action, we’ve got everything you need to catch up. Here’s how the Grand Finals of FNCS Chapter 2 Season 4 unfolded.

FNCS Chapter 2 Season 4 NA East recap – Grand Finals

Six games stood between some of the best North American players and ultimate glory. Among the names that qualified were former FNCS champions, veteran competitors, and popular streamers alike. Only one Trio could come away with the lion’s share of $380,000, however.

Unlike previous weeks, the six Grand Final lobbies went back and forth. There was no clearcut leader until the latter stages of the event. In fact, the top five teams all fell within 50 points of each other.

It was none other than Reverse2K, Mero, and Deyy who closed out the show in the end. While they didn’t close out a single map win in the event, their point total was astounding thanks to 72 total eliminations.

FNCS Chapter 2 Season 4 NA East results – Grand Finals

Place Players Points Prize
1 TNA Deyy, TNA Mero, Reverse2K 208 $66,000
2 TSM_Comadon, Liquid ilililil, NRG Edgey 184 $51,000
3 LG Jamper, Bugha, C9 Avery 176 $45,000
4 NRG Zayt, TSM Saffy, Liquid Stremon 174 $36,000
5 LG Slackes, Acorn, Vanish Jahq 159 $27,000
6 Sen Demonspect, Xoonies, OA Npen 148 $18,000
7 TSM Zexrow, BBG Yungcalc, TSM Mackwood1x 141 $15,000
8 Xset Knight, Xset Shark, Xset AV 139 $12,000
9 Ghost Nittle, Mikey, Ghost ClarityG 128 $9,600
10 BBG Kremon, BBG Bucke, TSM Demonada 123 $7,800
11 FaZe Megga, Liquid Riversan, FaZe Dubs 120 $6,300
12 Vanish Bully, TNA Slick, Outcast Iciev 113 $6,300
13 Zum, Skqttles, NRG Ronaldo 111 $6,300
14 NRG Clix, Illest, FaZe Bizzle 104 $6,300
15 E11 Grazca, Posick, Xccept 93 $6,300

FNCS Chapter 2 Season 4 NA West recap – Grand Finals

Yet again, NA West was absolutely dominated by one Trio in particular. The team of Arkhram, Rehx, and Epikwhale went on a tear in the Grand Finals, leaving no doubt that they’re the most formidable Trio in the region.

They stormed through each and every lobby, closing the show with a ridiculous 109 point lead over second place. Other familiar teams filled out the top of the standings, though none could hold a candle to the performance of the winning team.

FNCS Chapter 2 Season 4 NA West results – Grand Finals

Place Players Points Prize
1 100T Arkhram, 100T Rehx, NRG Epikwhale 310 $45,000
2 Little, Temple B, CLG Pelican 201 $30,000
3 Kenshi, Maken, TD Dog 149 $27,000
4 100T Falconer, Turtletavern, 4DRStorm 146 $22,500
5 Xtra Reet, WavyDFavS13, EP Dwavy13 141 $16,500
6 CLG Symetrical, Norcal Mony, Jayrosez 141 $10,500
7 SlimXX, Nitrix, Z WNL 130 $7,500
8 Xtra Caleb, Xtra Bumbo, Xtra Vert 130 $4,500

FNCS Chapter 2 Season 4 Europe recap – Grand Finals

On the European side of things, a stacked trio of popular players closed out the show. While Mongraal, Mitro, and Tayson had cracked into the Top 10 twice during the qualifiers, the very top spot was always out of reach.

In Week One they came up short by 34 points. In Week Two they finished in third place overall. This time around, they won it all.

The Trio put up 66 eliminations but this was overshadowed by their insane win-rate. Together, they won three of the six lobbies during the Grand Finals to take out the first-place prize.

FNCS Chapter 2 Season 4 Europe results – Grand Finals

Place Players Points Prize
1 Mongraal, mitr0, tayson 194 $111,000
2 Andilex, JannisZ, Xsweeze 180 $93,000
3 Flikk, Anas, Th0masHD 158 $75,000
4 Rakso, Kami, artor 155 $60,000
5 FlowiS, Endretta, Louis 147 $45,000
6 K1nzell, Wolfiez, crr 135 $36,000
7 Floki, Clement, naekoz 135 $28,500
8 Benhiyfishy, MrSavage, LeTsHe 132 $22,500
9 Hen, Decyptos, Putrick 124 $16,500
10 Dave, Nate, Bobo 121 $13,500
11 ZQ, Robabz, Blacky 118 $9,000
12 Umplify, Adn, Matsoe 105 $9,000
13 Not Hellfire, IboooHai, etq 104 $9,000
14 Kiraah, Starkma4k, Nuarix 100 $9,000
15 Safik, Siberiajkee, iRezUmi 95 $9,300

While we have results from EU and NA East, other regions are still wrapping up at the time of writing. Check back for a full rundown on NA West as soon as the competition has come to a close.

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