Mongraal and Benjyfishy call for traps to be removed from Fortnite

NRG/FaZe/Epic Games

Fortnite pros Kyle ‘Mongraal’ Jackson and Benjy ‘Benjyfishy’ Fish have called on Epic Games to make a huge change and get rid of the battle royale’s signature traps. 

Outside of its constant updates, vibrant colors, and huge popularity, the biggest thing that sets Fortnite apart from every other battle royale title is it’s building mechanic. 

Some of the best players in the world are able to edit and build with ridiculous speed, leading them to getting an advantage over their opponents. However, sometimes they can stumble into already-constructed traps and grab eliminations for those players who have built them. Over time, a selection of traps have been more frustrating to players than others but some pros would rather just see them removed altogether. 

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Image of traps inside Fortnite battle royaleEpic Games
Traps are another way for Fortnite players to pick up kills while building.

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Following their Cash Cup solo matches from January 16, British players Mongraal and Benjyfishy aired their complaints with the traps on Twitter – even though they did it in slightly different ways. 

“Like to remove traps and snipers from competitive,” tweeted NRG’s Benjyfishy, polling fans on the possibility of seeing the items taken out. “It’s worse than controller players, not even joking.” 

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Mongraal, however, seemingly turned his anger up to eleven by tweeting in all caps. “I got f**king trapped I hate this game so much so unskillful it makes me f**king vomit,” he posted.

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Yet, he followed that up with an even bigger barrage text, typing complete gibberish after claiming he was “quitting” until traps had been vaulted. “Never tweeting again, bye, deactivating,” he added. 

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Seeing as there’s been no indication from Epic as to making such a sweeping change, it appears that the professional pair will have to continue venting their own frustrations. 

The removal of traps would likely cause annoyance to plenty of other players but a change to their damage values could certainly be something for the developers to consider. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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