Leaked Fortnite weapon looks like it was built by Fuse in Apex Legends

Fortnite Apex Legends FuseEpic Games / Respawn Entertainment

A recently-leaked powerful Fortnite weapon has got players comparing it to a feature from another popular battle royale game, Apex Legends.

Fortnite has introduced tons of weapons since it debuted in 2017, but there are many that never make it into the game. Often they get leaked online and some even have gameplay footage, but regular players never get to use them.

One of these unreleased weapons is the TinStack, also referred to as the Mini-Gun Grenade Launcher. Information on it leaked a while back, but new footage of the weapon’s features has surfaced, and it’s reminding players of Fuse from Apex Legends.

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Fuse apex legendsRespawn Entertainment
Fuse is the latest explosive addition to Apex Legends.

The comparisons were drawn after Fortnite leaker ximton shared a video of the Tinstack weapon’s newly-discovered feature in action.

As well as being able to launch grenades at other players with regular aiming and shooting, the unreleased weapon appears to come with a special air strike feature that rains down explosive grenades from the sky.

While some Fortnite players were busy getting excited over the potential of being able to use this weapon in a future update, others noticed that the weapon is very similar to the ‘ultimate’ ability of the new Apex Legends character Fuse.

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Apex Legends introduced Fuse in its recent Season 8 update, which went live on Tuesday, February 2, 2021. The mercenary-turned-cage fighter uses explosives to wreak havoc and destroy his enemies.

Fuse’s ultimate, Motherlode, sees him bring out the big guns – literally. Known affectionately as Wally, the character’s ultimate weapon rains down grenades from the sky and surrounds enemies in a ring of fire.

Quite a few gamers picked up on the similarities between Fuse and the new Fortnite weapon, with one writing that it “seems oddly familiar to the new Apex Legends character’s ultimate” while another added: “This reminds me of Fuse’s ultimate.”

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Of course, this is all just a coincidence, as the TinStack weapon has been in the Fortnite files for a while now, long before Fuse was added to Apex Legends – but fans of both games are enjoying the similarities.

The Tinstack isn’t the only leaked weapon that could potentially be coming to the game soon. We’ve rounded up the best unreleased Fortnite weapons, including the Flamethrower and a Troll Launcher (yes, really).

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