Epic bans pay to win Fortnite Season 5 superhero skins due to new exploit

Fortnite Season 5 skinsEpic Games

Epic Games has announced that the controversial Boundless Set of cosmetic items in Fortnite will be disabled after a new exploit allowed players to revert to their pre-nerf appearance. 

The Boundless skins have been surrounded by controversy since their introduction in Fortnite. Resembling superhero costumes, these outfits could be customized in ways that were deemed unfair by the community.

Appearing as just one shade of blade or white, for instance, often made you an extremely difficult target to see. Players would blend in with environments and outright have an advantage over their competition.

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Despite working on a fix for these ‘pay to win’ cosmetics, the v13.50 update didn’t quite do the trick. In light of a new exploit, Epic has now completely banned the skins from all competitive modes.

“Due to an outstanding issue with the Boundless Set, we are temporarily disabling these Outfits from competitive play,” the Fortnite Status account tweeted on February 3. 

If players accidentally select these items, they will drop into their next match with the default appearance in effect. 

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While a fix was initially implemented to disable to all-black or all-white variants, players soon found a way to get around it. A simple saving trick allowed anyone to bypass the change and drop back into their next match as a challenging target.

This ban applies strictly to competitive playlists for the time being. Players will still be able to run wild with the exploit in casual modes.

Fortnite skinsEpic Games
These particular skins can be modified so that both sections are the same color.

Epic assured that the Boundless Set will be fixed and re-enabled in the v15.40 update. This means we shouldn’t have to wait too long to comfortably use the skins again.

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Given the previous fix didn’t quite work out, however, there’s every chance we’ll still be in the same situation for a while longer in Season 5.

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