It’s possible to shoot through walls in Fortnite using a simple building trick

Fortnite player placing walls.

A Reddit user has found a possible glitch in Fortnite Battle Royale that allows players to shoot through walls using a brick door.

While structures built in Fortnite might look to have spaces between pieces of wood or between bricks, it’s generally not possible to actually shoot through a built without building a window in which to shoot through.

The latest trick discovered on Reddit, however, seems to allow players to stand behind the full cover of a structure and fully shoot through using a specific edit and material combination.

Reddit user ‘CleverD3vil’ explains the trick in a thorough video in which he tests a variety of different weapons to see which ones are able to utilize the new strategy.

Completing the trick is quite easy as players start off by building two walls on top of one another and then editing a door into the top wall.

Once the wall is built, the player simply aims through the crack between the bottom of the door and, instead of being stopped by the structure, the shots are able to travel right through.

It looks as though it only works with brick since there is a clear space under the door, whereas a door in a wooden or metal structure stops any bullets from going through

Not all weapons are created equal here, though, as ones with more bloom than others can’t benefit as much from the trick.

Everything from the SCAR and Scoped Assault Rifle to the Heavy Sniper Rifle work just fine, with the Dual Pistols and SMGs suffering from too much bloom to be effective.

Given the nature of the trick, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Epic Games step in and make some changes as they have shown a willingness to do in the past with similar glitches or exploits.