Fortnite players shocked at genius way to collect precarious supply drops in Zero Build

Daniel Appleford
TMNT Mythic Supply Drops in Fortnite

A Fortnite player has devised a creative solution for reaching supply drops stuck on the side of hills in Zero Build. 

As the name suggests, Fortnite’s Zero Build mode has all the same elements of the regular battle royale without the building elements. It pits players against each other with the sole purpose of using their shooting abilities rather than their building skills. 

Supply drops have not always been in Fortnite Chapter 5, they were removed from the game when it transitioned from Chapter 4 Season OG to the current season. However, Fortnite’s collaboration with TNMT has brought them back with a new purpose

One downside to having supply drops back in Zero Build is that they can sometimes get trapped in disadvantageous positions which may make it next to impossible to access. A common issue is these supply drops are getting trapped on the side of hills, which players can’t build up to grab. But one Redditor found a new use for the cardboard boxes in the game to reach the drops. 

Fortnite player makes cardboard box floor

One player took to the Fortnite subreddit to post a video of their solution to getting a stuck supply drop. Instead of using wood or another material to build up to the drop, they decided to use their collected cardboard boxes to make a floor that would prevent them from falling off the side of the hill. 

Despite the clever solution, not all commenters beneath the post were convinced that this was the best way to solve the problem. Some people proposed that players could just come from on top of the hill and slide down on top of the supply drop. 

However, the poster confirmed that they had already tried that method and had been unsuccessful in staying on the hill and opening the supply drop from above. 

“That’s actually smart,” said one user. “I usually just ignore them if they’re in a compromised location, but now I’ll definitely try to remember this and try it out too.”

So next time players are in Zero Build and happen to stumble upon cardboard boxes, be sure to pick them up as they may be able to help secure supply drops or other items in tough-to-reach places. 

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