Fortnite fix bug after Tfue destroys all of Tilted Towers in seconds

Calum Patterson

After a clip of FaZe Clan’s Turner ‘ Tfue’ Tenney destroying Tilted Towers in a matter of seconds went viral, Epic Games have now rolled out a patch to fix the strange bug.

Essentially, by setting a 3 floor builds and ramp next to a building in Titled Towers, and then destroying the ramp, Tfue was able to demolish the main building in the area.

It appears the glitch was a by product of one of the recent updates, perhaps a slightly broken piece of code. It made the non-player structure act as though it was created by a player, dismantling once a connection to the ground was destroyed.

Tfue had clearly heard of or seen the bug performed before, as he quickly got it to work, but his stream viewers were in disbelief at what happened.

Clearly this is not an intentional addition to the game, as being able to completely demolish buildings with such a simple trick would spoil the flow of combat.

Thankfully, Epic Games have been quick to respond to the potentially game breaking bug, rolling out a hotfix on October 14.

So if you were hoping to emulate Tfue’s antics it looks like the opportunity is now missed.

It’s another example of Fortnite’s development team keeping a keen eye on all social channels, and acting quickly when such a potentially devastating bug arises.