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New in-game tournaments are coming to Fortnite

Published: 15/Oct/2018 18:08 Updated: 15/Oct/2018 18:09

by Albert Petrosyan


Epic Games have announced that a brand new in-game tournament system is coming to Fortnite: Battle Royale.

These new tournaments will be open to all players, and will appear in the ‘Events’ section of the battle royale mode of the game once the v6.10 update is released.

The tournaments will be played on specific dates and times, and players will be awarded points for both eliminations and high placements, depending on the exact format of each competition.

Each competition will have a target score that participating players will have to reach. 

Getting enough points to reach target goals will award players with a shiny pin, which not only recognizes their achievement but potentially can advance them to further rounds or qualify them to win prizes.

Perhaps the biggest news regarding this announcement is the fact that all players will be considered equally when competing against each other, regardless of platform or of if they’re using a mouse, controller, or touch input device. 

The initial schedule for the tournament series can be seen below, and specific times for each region will be provided once the tournament details are announced. 

  • Alpha Tournament (Solo)
    • Dates: October 16 – October 21
    • Description: Participate in the first in-game tournament, spanning across several days of daily competition! 
  • Beta Tournament (Duo)
    • Dates: October 23 – October 25
    • Description: Grab a friend and take on the world – until you are the last two left.
  • Friday Night Fortnite (Squad)
    • Dates: October 19 – November 30
    • Description: Join your friends every Friday and kick off your weekend with some exciting Squad action. 
  • Salty Springs Cup (Solo)
    • Dates: October 27 – October 31
    • Description: One week and three attempts to prove you’re the saltiest that Salty Springs has to offer. 
  • Tomato Temple Cup (Duo)
    • Dates: October 28 – November 1
    • Description: Become legends of the Tomato Temple Cup.

While it appears for now that these tournaments are all standalone, one-round competitions, Epic are actively looking into expanding events to go multiple rounds, with players advancing if they obtain the special pin mentioned above.

The scoring methods for their tournaments will also vary, and there will be a special ‘Showdown Royale’ event that will allow players to qualify for the 2019 Fortnite World Cup.

Source – Epic Games


SypherPK finds his own secret easter egg in Fortnite Season 5

Published: 3/Dec/2020 5:24

by Brad Norton


Fortnite sensation SypherPK made a public request a few weeks back and Epic Games seem to have heard him loud and clear as the content creator was stunned by his very own secret easter egg in Season 5.

As one of the most popular Fortnite content creators, SypherPK has millions of fans that listen to his every word. As it turns out, a few developers are among those avid viewers. A request made on November 2 has finally made an impact, thanks to those at Epic Games who tuned into his video.

Members of his community were pleading for SypherPK to receive his own in-game reference. Whether it’s a small poster somewhere on the map, or even an entire Point of Interest referring back to his name. However, the YouTuber had something else in mind.

“We need something that’s very simple,” he said. “We want to add a book to Fortnite. A ‘How to Win’ book,” based on one of his most popular series. Well with the arrival of a brand new season, SypherPK’s wish has come true.

“They actually did it,” he shared on December 2. One of the first things he did in Season 5 was check the weather station. Even to his surprise, the developers had listened to his request and actually followed through.

“This is my creation,” he said in shock upon discovering a vibrant red book exactly where he requested one to be. While it doesn’t reference the ‘How to Win’ series in any way, Sypher was overjoyed at the fact his community had “added something to the game.”

There’s now a physical item in-game thanks to a video he made back in November. Not only that, but the book has been special in a few ways. For starters, physics are applied to the object, so it properly bounces around and moves as you’d expect it to. The book is also invincible, meaning players can’t go about destroying Sypher’s unique creation.

It’s one of the more subtle easter eggs in Fortnite. If you weren’t an active fan of Sypher before Season 5, you wouldn’t be aware of this secret at all. But for those in the know, it’s a special little reference just for his community.

Obviously, the easter egg has no real influence on the game, so don’t track it down expecting some kind of buff or secret item to come along with it. But it’s clearly a sign that developers are always keeping tabs on the biggest content creators.

We’ve seen Icon Series skins and now subtle easter eggs. Who knows what we’ll be seeing next.