How to revive teammates instantly in Fortnite with simple exploit

Daniel Cleary
fortnite character reviving another character

A bizarre glitch was found with the cosmetic backblings in Fortnite which allows you to instantly revive your teammates with no waiting after they have been downed.

A common feature seen in many of the top battle royale games is the ability to revive teammates after their health drops to zero.

After taking too much damage, a player will be put into a ‘knocked’ or ‘downed’ state where they are unable to fight back and have restricted movement, but can be revived if a teammate can get to them in time.

Fornite character carry knocked jonesy character
Fortnite players have limited movement after being downed.

The same is seen in Fortnite and, while it usually takes ten seconds to help others back to their feet, players have now found a glitch that skips the animation completely, instantly reviving any downed teammates.

This simple trick was shared by YouTuber OrangeGuy, who revealed that it appears to work best with a pet backbling equipped in Fortnite.

The YouTuber explained that reviving a teammate is usually possible from any angle but there’s one spot, in particular, near the backbling that can instantly revive players.

How to instantly revive players in Fortnite

  1. Have your teammate equip a pet backbling such as Ohm’s Perch.
  2. If they are knocked, angle your crosshair above their backbling.
  3. The revive prompt should disappear and reappear once you line it up correctly.
  4. Simply tap the revive button right as the pop-up disappears and it should instantly revive your teammate.

While the glitch seems fairly straightforward, it can take a while to get used to and might take some practice before testing it out in a live game.

As it is very unlikely that Epic Games intended to add this feature into Fortnite Season 3, they will probably look to implement a fix for this bug in one of their future updates.

They have already confirmed a laundry list of bugs and glitches getting patched in update v13.30.