Tfue & Fortnite pros hit out at Epic Games over ‘unplayable’ Season 3

Joe Craven
Tfue next to Fortnite Chapter 2

Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney and his teammates scoped and innocents, have hit out at Epic Games over the ‘unplayable’ state of Fortnite Season 3, as players continue to struggle with servers and in-game lag. 

Tfue is one Fortnite player who has transcended the building battle royale. Now one of the biggest names in the entire gaming community, he can be found playing other games like Warzone and Hyper Scape.

Regardless, he still competes in Fortnite’s trio tournaments, now alongside innocents and scoped. The trio were playing together on July 16, when they decided to go on the offensive against a team in Catty Corner.

Tfue smiling
Tfue is one of the biggest names in the gaming world.

However, their attack was halted by some very intrusive packet loss and lag, causing all the players to vocalize their frustrations with Epic.

“Like how is this f**king game playable dude?” Tfue’s teammates ask. “The servers are so awful dude. This is making me want to f**king quit, dude. Fix your f**king game [Creative Director at Epic Games] Donald Mustard what the f**k am I playing?”

Tfue, for his part, commented that he’s “going to sh*t out his eyes, in-game. I can’t f**king move! Bro I’m about to get another f**king watermelon, dude, it’s so bad!” We’re not quite sure what that means, but it doesn’t sound overly complimentary.

Despite Fortnite rapidly approaching three years old, many prominent players have commented that the general server stability has got worse in Season 3. These issues have reared their heads in competitive Fortnite, with many players reporting significant lag in tournament matches.

The lag frustrations are probably a motivating factor for Tfue heading over to other titles. Recent streams have seen him in Verdansk, racking up some big kill wins on Call of Duty’s sophomore battle royale.

As far as Epic Games are concerned, they have not commented on the latency/connection issues, at least not publicly. For the latest from the developers, you can follow @FortniteStatus on Twitter.

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