How to get Stay Smooth Spray free in Fortnite thanks to new Middle East servers

Calum Patterson

Epic Games are handing out a free reward to Fortnite players, the Stay Smooth Spray, following the v10.10 content update and the new Middle East servers – here’s how to get your hands on it.

The v10.10 update, released on August 20, brought yet more map changes to the Season X battle royale island, as well as adding a handful of new items, and the Junk Rift equipment.

However, for players in the Middle East, the big news is that Fortnite now has servers in your area, and to celebrate, everyone is being given the spray for free.

Epic GamesYou can get the new Stay Smooth Spray completely free.

Epic say “We’re excited to announce Middle East servers have come to Fortnite! Enjoy this spray as a celebratory gift.”

How to get Stay Smooth Spray

Although it has been released in celebration of the Middle East servers, all players in all regions are eligible to receive the spray.

And it couldn’t be easier; simply login to Fortnite on your console or PC, and you should be greeted with a message like the one below, then select ‘Collect and Close.’ Double-check you have the spray by heading to your locker and locating it.

Epic GamesThe in-game message to collect the Stay Smooth Spray.

Epic Games have been feeling increasingly generous recently in Fortnite, as this is the third free item for players since the start of Season 10.

An issue the Toy Soldier Wraps bundle left some players without their Red Plastic Wrap, but Epic quickly resolved the issue and made things right with players.

They also apologized after adding a reskin of a pet cosmetic but charging 1000 V-Bucks for it. To make up for their error, they refunded all players who had purchased the item plus an extra 200 V-Bucks.

Of course, Fortnite is a free-to-play game and thus relies on the purchase of cosmetic items in-game to generate revenue, but they have shown a willingness to give away free items too, or as part of rewards for completing challenges.

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