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How to get Fortnite’s Ghost Rider skin for free

Published: 3/Nov/2020 3:33 Updated: 4/Nov/2020 13:11

by Brad Norton


Another iconic Marvel character is right around the corner in Fortnite Season 4 as players will soon be able to battle for a chance at unlocking a new Ghost Rider Outfit.

Marvel has well and truly taken over Epic’s popular battle royale title this season. The ongoing storyline continues to introduce new heroes and villains, powerful abilities are added in with each new update, and of course, fresh skins are available every week.

With the first iteration of the Marvel Knockout Super Series back in October, players were able to compete in the Daredevil Cup. The very best players earned themselves a free Daredevil skin for their efforts. Now, the spotlight is on Johnny Blaze as the next competitive event focuses on Ghost Rider instead.


Ghost Rider skin bundle revealed

Ghost Rider is scheduled to be the second Marvel character released early to those competing in Season 4 tournaments but data miners have revealed an early look at the King of Hell’s full skin set.

The upcoming skin bundle, which was shared by Fortnite leaker lucas7yoshi, will be released with the Ghost Rider character skin in the Item Shop, at a later date.

Ghost Rider’s skin set will feature other cosmetic items such as Infernal Chain Back Bling, a Ghost Glider, a Skull Fire Weapon Wrap, and Soulfire Chains Pickaxe.

Just for playing well in the limited-time event, you could be one of the first in the world to drop in as the fiery figure.


Here’s everything you need to know about the Ghost Rider Cup.

When is Fortnite’s Ghost Rider Cup?

Fortnite Ghost Rider skin
Epic Games
Ghost Rider will soon be available in Fortnite.

No different from the Daredevil Cup, this will be a single-day event. The action kicks off on Wednesday, November 4 as players fight through the Marvel Knockout playlist.

Competition is set for Trios only, meaning you’ll need to drop in with your two best teammates. All three of you will be awarded the early skin if you can top the leaderboards, however.

If you’re eager to get your hands on the Ghost Rider skin, joining the event is simple.

You’ll need to have an overall account level of 30 or higher and two-factor authentication must be enabled. If everyone on your team has ticked these boxes, you’re all set. When the event goes live on November 4, the Ghost Rider Cup will appear as a new playlist in-game. 


You’ll be awarded points based on your placement in a set number of lobbies.

Only a few hundred teams across each region will be able to claim the rare skin, so ensure your team is warmed up and ready to go. Below is a full breakdown of the point structure along with how many skins will be handed out in each region.

Ghost Rider Cup point system:

  • 1st: 25 points
  • 2nd: 10 points
  • 3rd-4th: 5 points
  • 5th-8th: 3 points
  • 9th-16th: 1 point

Ghost Rider Cup payouts per region:

  • EU: Top 800
  • NA-East: Top 500
  • NA-West: Top 200
  • Brazil: Top 200
  • Asia: Top 100
  • Oceania: Top 100
  • Middle East: Top 100
Fortnite Season 4 gameplay
Epic Games
This competition is for Trios only, so bring your two best teammates.

If you can’t make it to this limited-time event on November 4, fear not. Epic confirmed that two more competitions are on the horizon.

Expect to see new heroes and villains coming to Fortnite on November 11 and November 18.