Fortnite leak reveals new Heavy Mortar weapon for Season 4

Rocket Launchers in FortniteEpic Games

Fortnite dataminers have uncovered a new Heavy Mortar weapon after the v14.50 patch went live, and it could be coming as soon as the next Season 4 update.

New weapons drop onto Fortnite’s island all of the time. This season especially, players have been treated to an array of new items based on fan-favorite Marvel characters during the crossover.

However, a new rocket launcher-esque weapon looks to be on its way in Fortnite. Better yet ⁠— it could be coming to shake up the game in just a couple of weeks.

Fortnite dataminer HYPEX shared the details with players on November 3, shortly after the recent update dropped. According to HYPEX, Epic are looking at launching the Heavy Mortar soon.

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“Epic are working on a weapon called Heavy Mortar. The description is ‘Guns Machinegun,’ make your predictions,” he said.

The dataminer also stated the weapon will use Rocket Ammo, which is shared between all the rocket launchers in Fortnite. However, with the description as a machine gun, it could be a fast-firing one.

It follows on from earlier leaks back in September, in which a “cross between a Grenade Launcher and a Minigun” was in development according to dataminers.

It had a fire rate of 0.65 bullets per second, dealing tons of damage to both players and the environment. While this heavy weapon may not be the Heavy Mortar, the similarities are striking.

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Either way, the gun could shake up Fortnite. A rocket launcher machine gun sounds like some rolling thunder you wouldn’t want to go up against.

It’s not locked in entirely for a Season 4 release, but given the details we know about the gun already, it could be dropping in the v14.60 update. Else, players will have to wait until Fortnite Season 5 in under a month’s time.