How to get Fortnite Fleet Force Bundle for Nintendo Switch

. 1 year ago
Epic Games

If you’re a Fortnite fan on the Nintendo Switch then you may be interested in some brand-new Joy-Con themed around the battle royale, which also come with some pretty interesting, exclusive in-game items as a part of the Fleet Force Bundle.

Exclusive items coming with consoles and controllers is nothing new. In the past, Epic Games has released a few bundles that include exclusive outfits, backblings, and more in order to entice people to buy the product. One of the more notable ones was the recent Wildcat Switch bundle, which included a special Switch and an exclusive skin.

Now, Epic is once again teaming up with Nintendo to release the Joy-Con Fortnite Fleet Force Bundle, which includes specially-designed controllers, as well as exclusive items, and it’ll be out on June 4, 2021. Here’s what you need to know.

Joy-Con Fleet Force Bundle contents

Epic Games
In addition to some cool in-game items, the bundle also includes a pair of exclusive Joy-Con.

Aside from the two Fortnite-themed Joy-Con (with one themed around the fan-favorite Peely skin), the set also includes something called the Fleet Force Bundle, which features two items.

The first is a Fortnite-themed glider, which seems to share the same color-scheme as the Joy-C0n themselves, and also shares a design similar to the one found on the Wildcat Nintendo Switch console bundle. The top of the glider features small outlines of famous Fortnite characters from the game’s past, so it’ll immediately appeal to long-term fans.

In addition, players will also get an exclusive pickaxe, which looks a bit similar in design to the Star Wars Riot Control baton that was released a while back, although it’s obviously not the same exact design.

Beyond that, players will also get 500 V-Bucks to spend on whatever they please. For reference, the Battle Pass currently costs 950 V-Bucks, so that’ll take care of more than half of that price. Of course, you could also spend it on cosmetics in the Item Shop if you don’t feel like getting the Pass.

Where to get the Fleet Force Bundle

As previously mentioned, the Fleet Force Bundle is only available as a part of the Joy-Con bundle of the same name, meaning there’s no way to get it without buying a new pair.

As for where you can find the controllers, they’ll be available in retail stores on June 4, 2021. While a price has yet to be announced, it’ll more than likely cost fans around $80, as that’s the standard price for a new pair.

That means it’ll be a high asking price for players who just want the items and don’t care about the Joy-Con. It’s also worth noting that in order to get these items, you’ll have to redeem them on the Nintendo store so unless you have a Switch, getting this bundle is pretty much useless.

Still, for those who have a Switch and want the items, it might end up being worth it for you.

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