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How to create an almost indestructible trap on Fortnite Battle Royale [UPDATED]

Published: 15/Nov/2018 16:30 Updated: 15/Nov/2018 18:12

by Matt Porter


Update: Epic Games have released a hotfix for the Mounted Turret that changes it’s base health to 1000 HP instead of 5000 HP, while the health of the Turret has been reduced from 800 HP to 400 HP. 

A clever Fortnite fan has found a way to create a trap which has 5000 health points in Fortnite, making it almost indestructible.

Originally uploaded to Reddit by ‘Vercyx’, this exploit will allow players to place down traps that have significantly more health than a regular trap, making them extremely difficult to destroy.

The trick obviously requires the player to have a trap item, and you will also need to find one of the new Mounted Turrets, which were added to the battle royale title during the V6.30 update to the game.


First, players need to select where they want to place the trap, as this exploit will only work if the spike trap is placed on the roof, not the floor or the wall. The space above the panel needs to be empty too, so make sure you check the area above where you want to place it before you perform this trick.

Once you have found the perfect spot, place your trap on the roof, then make your away to the other side of the panel, and place down the Mounted Turret directly above the trap.

When placed, the Mounted Turret reinforces the floor piece it is sitting on, giving it 5000 health points against damage. Instead of destroying the spike trap underneath it when placed, it seems that the health benefit actually applies to the trap too, making it just as strong as the base of the Mounted Turret.


How to make a 5,000 HP trap from r/FortNiteBR

The Mounted Turrets have only just been added to Fortnite, but some players already believe that the item is too powerful. Ninja recently discovered that if you place two Mounted Turrets beside each other, you can hop back and forth between them negating the cooldown function that was added to stop them from continually firing.

Along with the Mounted Turret, Epic Games added a new 50v50 Limited Time Mode called Fast Food, while various cosmetics and items have already been leaked by dataminers.