How to catch Fortnite Chapter 2’s Mythic Goldfish

David Purcell

Fortnite Chapter 2 marked the introduction of fishing to the battle royale game and while there are some very good things to pull out from the water, many players will be looking to grab themselves a Mythical Goldfish. 

Just like any other season, Chapter 2’s Season 1 offers a whole host of different achievements to be completed and many of which, this time around, include what appears to be a rare catch: a big, gold fish! 

Members of the game’s online community shouldn’t feel stupid for not knowing how to catch it just yet, though, and that includes those of us that haven’t even seen one appear since the game’s major update rolling out on October 15. 

Epic GamesThere are also all sorts of weapons to catch while fishing in Fortnite Chapter 2.

After casting out, once you feel a bite and decide to reel in, you will typically be greeted with one of five items. These include materials, a random weapon, Slurpfish, Flopper, or Small Fry.

The last three can be used to heal your character, with the Slurpfish healing 50 shield and health, while the Flopper gives 50 and the Small fry is very similar to a bandage in terms of how much it helps – 25 per use.

Yet, these aren’t the only type of fish that will be able to be caught in Fortnite. 

EPIC GAMESHave you spotted a Mythic Goldfish in Fortnite just yet? Not everybody has.

Data miner HYPEX confirmed that the Mythic Goldfish was headed to the game and being released into the wild soon, making it available to catch, although it’s fair to say that not many players have actually seen it so far. 

Not only will this fish allow you to complete a number of challenges in-game, but once it has been collected it can be used to throw at opponents and will deal 90 damage per hit – making it a potentially devastating weapon as well. 

It would be very easy to say that they don’t exist in Fortnite, just because you haven’t seen one yourself, but a few players have been posting about their experience catching the fish and yes, it is available to find in Chapter 2. They’re just pretty rare. 

Many players have been asking Reddit user OldManHerman questions, after they posted about finding one on October 20, but their answers might not be too helpful for those looking for tips on how to pick one out of the water. 

In fact, they found their first golden fish near Misty Meadows and it was laying on the ground. 

The user also revealed that they didn’t check off any challenges by finding it in this way, which would suggest that picking up somebody else’s catch is not the way to go. Therefore, it’s very likely that you will catch it right from the water – as you can do with any other fish in Fortnite. 

If you would like some other pointers on the best ways to go about fishing, check out our complete guide which should help you improve and will give you the best chance of being prepared for any sudden appearance of the Mythic Goldfish! 

If you spot it and don’t know what to do, you’re going to be kicking yourself. These are very rare.

Article last updated on October 21, 2019 at 05:55 (EST). 

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